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WHO WAS THE DEAN of the White House press corps? “What made Helen the dean of the White House press corps was not just the length of her tenure, but her fierce be­lief that our democ­racy works best when we ask tough ques­tions and hold our leaders to ac­count,” said an in­cred­ibly (obliv­ious? in de­nial?) ironic Pres­i­dent Obama on Saturday.

Ms. Thomas has been called the ‘First Lady of the Press’ and, more in­triguing, the ‘Sit­ting Buddha.’ The Chris­tian Sci­ence Mon­itor once de­scribed her as “out­spoken, blunt, de­manding, forceful and un­re­lenting. Not only does she com­mand re­spect by the highest powers in the US, her rep­u­ta­tion is known worldwide.”

When Fidel Castro was asked what was the dif­fer­ence be­tween Cuba and the United States, he stated that “I don’t have to an­swer ques­tions from Helen Thomas.”

Ms. Thomas took this as a compliment.


HelenThomas old 1500

Suaimhneas síoraí dá hanam

If half of the journalists/reporters in this country were half the journalist/reporter that Helen Thomas was, the United States would prob­ably have one of the most ac­cu­rate, most in­for­ma­tive news media in the world.

Her ca­reer can be sum­ma­rized as “Helen Thomas vs Kennedy Johnson Nixon Ford Carter Reagan Bush Bush Clinton and Obama.” 

No one was ever tossed a soft­ball by Helen Thomas.

Alas, such is not the case, nor does it look to be the case in the near future.

Also alas, the “media” in America will re­main one of the least re­spected “sources” of re­li­able news among the in­dus­tri­al­ized na­tions (and even among many third world countries).

To Helen Thomas, 1920-2013: Suaimh­neas síoraí dá hanam.

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“Helen Thomas vs. Nixon, Ford, Carter, Bush, Bush, Clinton, and Obama | nealumphred.
com” gen­uinely got my­self simply ad­dicted with ur page!

I re­al­ly­will cer­tainly wind up being back a lot more frequently.
Thank you -Janell