home-grown is the way it should be (amen!)

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THE TEASER USED TO LURE READERS to William Rivers Pitt’s thoughtful ed­i­to­rial on le­gal­ized and home-grown pot ti­tled “Home­grown” is a pair of questions:“What is more caustic to this so­ciety: mar­i­juana or thou­sands upon thou­sands of people con­signed to the tender mer­cies of the penal system? Mar­i­juana or thou­sands of people suf­fering and dying in need­less and pre­ventable pain?” 

Pitt’s piece is the polar op­po­site of New York Times colum­nist David Brooks’ re­cent memoir/warning re­garding mar­i­juana. Here is an ex­cerpt from Mr. Pitt that is not being men­tioned in the cor­po­rate media:

“Col­orado and Wash­ington State have al­ready slapped aside the failed no­tions of Pro­hi­bi­tion that have been dead for a cen­tury to fully le­galize a sub­stance so in­fi­nitely less lethal than to­bacco and al­cohol that it scarcely bears mention.

Alaska, Oregon, Cal­i­fornia, Maine, Mass­a­chu­setts, Mon­tana, and Nevada are soon to follow, and the push is on in Delaware, Hawaii, New Hamp­shire, Mary­land, Rhode Is­land, and Ver­mont to follow suit.

If suc­cessful, that rep­re­sents nearly a third of the country, and one hell of a di­verse cross-section, as well . . . and, if suc­cessful, the real work can begin: freeing those in prison con­victed of crimes that are not crimes any­more, and should never have been crimes, to begin with.”

If you haven’t read Brooks’ memoir/warning, then read my post “david brooks, con­ser­v­a­tives, and mar­i­juana” and make sure that you read the bril­liant rewrite of Brooks’ piece by Al Fish in the Com­ments sec­tion fol­lowing my post!


Homegrown NeilYoung

A final thought by one of the 20th cen­tu­ry’s more promi­nent smoke­dopers, Neil Young: “Home-grown is the way it should be.” The photo above is of Mr Young’s ma­jes­ti­cally stoned reading of his own Help­less from the 1976 doc­u­men­tary The Last Waltz.


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