the adventures of huck and tom in the 113th congress

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SO FAR IN 2013, the House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives has worked for just 87 days, but Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) just called for a five-week re­cess! So far, this 113th Con­gress is the most un­pro­duc­tive in his­tory. In the first 212 days, just 22 bills have passed Con­gress and sent to the President.

This is worse than the fa­mous “Do-Nothing Con­gress.” That was the 80th Congress—again fea­turing the hi­jinks of a Re­pub­lican majority—that op­posed many of the bills passed under FDR and were de­ter­mined to stop Pres­i­dent Truman from get­ting more of the same accomplished.

Now, get this: Speaker Boehner just called for a five-week re­cess and skipped town to go golfing with Donald Trump. And I couldn’t be hap­pier: for five weeks there will be no se­ques­tra­tion, no new votes to over­turn “Oba­macare,” no new threats to shut the gov­ern­ment down, etc.

If only Donnie could con­vince Johnny to run away with him like Huck and Tom and fish their lives away and then we could have “the ad­ven­tures of huck and tom in the 113th con­gress.

That was then, four years ago . . .

Postscript: the Seinfeld Congress

“The biggest achieve­ment in the House last week was a party-line vote to file a brief in a court case. In other ac­tion, GOP leaders all but con­ceded they won’t be able to pass a budget, the party’s first order of busi­ness, this year.

Over in the Senate, law­makers have been busy de­bating whether it’s good or bad to sit on the president’s Supreme Court nom­inee for the next nine months.

Call it the Se­in­feld Congress—all about nothing. It’s gotten so small-ball that one con­gressman, a chairman of a highly in­flu­en­tial com­mittee, in­tro­duced leg­is­la­tion last week to rec­og­nize the na­tional sig­nif­i­cance of magic.

‘It doesn’t sur­prise me at all. They are going to need magic to save their party,’ joked Rep. Steve Is­rael of New York, who heads the House De­moc­rats’ mes­saging arm. ‘The Amer­ican people are used to a Re­pub­lican do-nothing Con­gress, they are now get­ting used to a Re­pub­lican ridicu­lous Congress.’”

Politico (March 21, 2106)


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