hungry vermin, toxic water, and a corporate cover-up!!!

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FROM TODAY’S SEATTLE TIMES (Au­gust 8, 2013, page A7) is this piece from The New York Times ti­tled “Japanese PM tries to sal­vage nu­clear plan.” Writer Martin Fackler calls the dis­aster at Fukushima Dai­ichi nu­clear plant in 2011 the “world’s second worst nu­clear disaster.”

The first para­graph be­gins, “First, a rat gnawed through ex­posed wiring, set­ting off a scramble to end yet an­other blackout of vital cooling sys­tems at the Fukushima Dai­ichi nu­clear plant Then, hastily built pits for a flood of con­t­a­m­i­nated water sprang leaks them­selves. Now, a new rush of ra­dioac­tive water has breached a bar­rier built to stop it, al­lowing heavily con­t­a­m­i­nated water to spill daily into the Pacific.”

Japanese Prime min­ister Shinzo Abe (pro­nounced “SHIN-zoh AB-ay”), a “staunch de­fender of the country’s nu­clear pro­gram,” or­dered his gov­ern­ment to be­come in­volved in the clean-up and re­lated op­er­a­tions in the plant. Ac­cording to Fackler, Abe hopes to “re­build public trust and sal­vage a pillar of his eco­nomic re­vival plan: the restarting of many idled nu­clear plants.

That trust has been eroded not only by the orig­inal cat­a­strophe, but also by two and a half years of some­times em­bar­rassing mis­steps by the plant’s op­er­ator, Tokyo Elec­tric Power Com­pany, or Tepco, and what many Japanese see as the company’s con­tin­uing at­tempts to mis­lead the public and cover up con­tin­uing trou­bles at the plant.”

It Can’t Happen Here (Again)

That’s a lot of f*ck-ups to start an ar­ticle out with, so let’s bullet-point the f*ck-ups for easier in­tel­lec­tual digestion:

•  Tokyo Elec­tric Power Com­pany, or Tepco, could not pre­vent one of the most po­ten­tially dan­gerous dis­as­ters in the his­tory of civ­i­liza­tion from oc­cur­ring two years ago;

•  Tepco cannot con­tain nu­clear con­t­a­m­i­nated, ra­dioac­tive water from leaking into the Pa­cific Ocean;

•  Tepco cannot be trusted by anyone: not by the gov­ern­ment, the media, the cit­i­zens of Japan, even to tell the truth about a dis­aster that is being watched daily by media from around the world; and

•  Tepco cannot pro­tect a nu­clear power plant from common vermin infestation!

Hm­mmnnn, doesn’t sound, you know, kosher (kosher is a Japanese idiom for an Amer­ican idiom of pre­dom­i­natley white folk over a cer­tain age called “hunky­dory.” or “hun­key­dorey”).

Here’s my take on nu­clear power: I be­lieve that it is ab­solutely nec­es­sary at this time for the human race to pull our­selves out from under the thrall of fossil fuels—which pol­lute the air and con­tribute to the like­li­hood of a global cli­mate change that could en­danger the ex­is­tence of mil­lions of species, in­cluding homo sapiens—and ad­vance into a glo­rious, sci­ence fiction-like New Age!

I also be­lieve that nu­clear power should NOT be put into the hands and con­trol of human be­ings, now or ever (and the Times piece should have been ti­tled “hungry vermin, toxic water, and a cor­po­rate cover-up!!!”) . . .

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