it’s an urban myth that husbands never listen to their wives

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I DON’T SPEND MUCH TIME on Face­book or other so­cial media plat­forms. I use them to call at­ten­tion to my three web­sites (and soon to be four). Since I spend most of my time writing thises and thats for those sites, I rarely visit the Face­book pages of my Face­book friends.

Some­times I feel guilty about this—you know, being so goram self-absorbed, seeming like I never pay at­ten­tion or never listen to anyone—so oc­ca­sion­ally I take time and visit a friend’s page and make a bunch of comments.

Today saw me spending time on long­time friend Sharon Gayeski’s page, where I left a com­ment and shared a few of her posts on the Face­book pages of family and friends. Then I came across one of those ubiq­ui­tous photo-text memes that read:

Hus­bands are the best people
to share your se­crets with.
They’ll never tell anyone because
they aren’t even listening.

Listen up! It’s an urban myth that we hus­bands don’t listen to our wives. Quite the op­po­site is true: we ALWAYS listen to our wives (and girl­friends and sis­ters and daugh­ters). It’s just that we know that most of what you wanna share with us we don’t re­ally want or need to know.

See, while you gals are stead­fastly single-minded, we guys usu­ally have at least two things going on in our heads at all times. So, when you start telling us those “im­por­tant se­crets,” we are lis­tening to every single word you say! But at the same time, we’re thinking about other, truly im­por­tant things:

Who played right field for the 1980 World Cham­pion Philadel­phia Phillies?
What was the flip-side of the Bea­tles’ first hit record in America?
Was Nicole Kidman hotter as a red­head in Prac­tical Magic than she nor­mally is as a blond?

See, when you have things that im­por­tant going on, it is easy to be dis­tracted. But we have the un­canny ability to filter the truly mean­ingful stuff you’re telling us from all the things you think are im­por­tant that we find, well, just plain silly.

For ex­ample, while we may never ever (ever!) re­member what Janet said about Elaine’s new hair­style or the new guy she just started seeing, we will al­ways (al­ways!) re­member what Janet said about Elaine’s new boob job!

Just thought you gals should know this . . .

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NicoleKidman red hair 1000 crop

FEATURED IMAGE: The photo at the top of this page is Nicole Kidman as Gillian Owens in Prac­tical Magic. It’s a pleasant, light­weight film with Sandra Bul­lock as sister Sally Owens, both sis­ters being witches. I dark­ened it and re­versed the photo to make the white print of the title more read­able. As for the ques­tions above: Bake McBride, I Saw Her Standing There, and oh yeah . . .


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