impeach the half-white muslim black sheep!

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A CNN OPINION PIECE ti­tled “Racist taunts at Obama should worry us all” by Matthew C. Whit­taker (Au­gust 8, 2013) tell us that “The Ari­zona Re­public [news­paper] re­ported that hun­dreds of dis­senters chose to model their in­sulting and ex­tremist be­havior be­fore some of Phoenix’s youngest res­i­dents. As­sem­bled out­side Desert Vista High School, they mocked Oba­ma’s race, singing Bye Bye Black Sheep in spir­ited synchronization.

One ‘pa­triot’ went so far as to dep­re­cate our com­mander in chief by pro­nouncing him ’47 per­cent Negro,’ while an­other held a sign that read, ‘Im­peach the Half-White Muslim!’

One of the most dis­turbing as­pects of the anti-Obama protest was the in­cli­na­tion of some par­tic­i­pants to fault the pres­i­dent for in­creased racial ten­sions. ‘We have gone back so many years,’ Judy Burris told the Re­public, in­sisting that Oba­ma’s pres­ence and poli­cies have en­gen­dered a racist back­lash. ‘He’s di­vided all the races. I hate him for that.’ ”

You got that? It’s the black man’s fault that there are so many f*cking white racists in America . . .

But it’s always the black man’s fault!

That people in Ari­zona who listen to FoxNews and Rush Lim­baugh etc. would be­have this way should sur­prise few readers who pay at­ten­tion to what’s re­ally going on in our country:

Racists so in de­nial of the very ‘being’—a being that has housed and nur­tured fear ha­tred di­vi­sive­ness since their for­ma­tive years—accuse the ob­ject (the target) of that fear and ha­tred of being the cause of the di­vi­sive­ness that these racists make the rest of us live through daily.

But here is what is truly dis­turbing about this: I don’t know a single Re­pub­lican or Lib­er­tarian or Randian/Objectivist or ANYONE ELSE who voted for Mc­Cain in the last pres­i­den­tial elec­tion who be­lieves that the Tea Party people are the least bit racist! I’d call them ‘in­no­cent by­standers,’ but they are any­thing but . . .

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