impeach the half-white muslim black sheep!

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A CNN OPINION PIECE titled “Racist taunts at Obama should worry us all” by Matthew C. Whittaker (August 8, 2013) tell us that “The Arizona Republic [newspaper] reported that hundreds of dissenters chose to model their insulting and extremist behavior before some of Phoenix’s youngest residents. Assembled outside Desert Vista High School, they mocked Obama’s race, singing Bye Bye Black Sheep in spirited synchronization.

One ‘patriot’ went so far as to deprecate our commander in chief by pronouncing him ’47 percent Negro,’ while another held a sign that read, ‘Impeach the Half-White Muslim!’

One of the most disturbing aspects of the anti-Obama protest was the inclination of some participants to fault the president for increased racial tensions. ‘We have gone back so many years,’ Judy Burris told the Republic, insisting that Obama’s presence and policies have engendered a racist backlash. ‘He’s divided all the races. I hate him for that.’ ”

You got that? It’s the black man’s fault that there are so many f*cking white racists in America . . .

But it’s always the black man’s fault!

That people in Arizona who listen to FoxNews and Rush Limbaugh etc. would behave this way should surprise few readers who pay attention to what’s really going on in our country:

Racists so in denial of the very ‘being’—a being that has housed and nurtured fear hatred divisiveness since their formative years—accuse the object (the target) of that fear and hatred of being the cause of the divisiveness that these racists make the rest of us live through daily.

But here is what is truly disturbing about this: I don’t know a single Republican or Libertarian or Randian/Objectivist or ANYONE ELSE who voted for McCain in the last presidential election who believes that the Tea Party people are the least bit racist! I’d call them ‘innocent bystanders,’ but they are anything but . . .

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