johnny depp’s secret inspiration for captain jack sparrow is out of the closet!

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THE TRUTH IS OUT! It has been common “knowl­edge” for years that actor Johnny Depp based his idio­syn­cratic and af­fec­ta­tious phys­ical and con­ver­sa­tional man­ner­isms and quirks for his Cap­tain Jack Sparrow char­acter from the Pi­rates Of The Caribbean movies on those of the Rolling Stones’ partially-living legend Keith Richards.


That was al­ways just a ruse by Depp and his people to steer at­ten­tion away from the actor’s real source, his real real in­spi­ra­tion for Cap­tain Jack Sparrow: Ellen Barkin playing recently-murdered Steve Brooks learning to walk in high heels in his/her re­cently God-given body as a woman, Amanda Brooks!

And where does all this happen?

In Blake Ed­wards’ de­lightful gender-bendering  comedy Switch  (1991), for which Ms. Barkin was nom­i­nated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Per­for­mance by an Ac­tress in a Mo­tion Pic­ture - Comedy Or Musical.

Alas, she did not win. 

The sup­porting cast in­cludes Perry King as Steve Brooks with Jimmy Smits, Jo­Beth Williams, Tony Roberts, Bruce Payne as an oleagi­nously charming devil, and Lor­raine Bracco, who plays an out-of-the-closet Les­bian who Steve/Amanda teases with the pos­si­bility of his/her new (and un­tasted) for­bidden fruit . . . 

Also alas, the movie made a modest profit and then was all but for­gotten by al­most everyone.

But not Johnny Depp!

So, check out Switch—it’s funny as all get-out. Hell’s Belles, even Dani liked it!

See Switch and see the truth.

At last . . .




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You write ter­ribly bad. I hope next time will be better.