and here I thought I had a person of interest look

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IT WAS NICE DAY, if a bit brisk. Most folks were wearing sweaters or jackets. Not me: I was standing in Half-Price Books in a black long-sleeve shirt. Looking idly ahead. I had stepped aside in the aisle to allow a few cus­tomers who were en­tering the store to move past me.

The last cus­tomer in line was a pretty blonde. She saw me standing there, un­moving, unsmiling—and the latter is so normal for the store em­ployees that I some­times think that smiling is reason for termination—that she made a normal assumption.

“Do you work here?” she smiled.

“No,” I nodded back.

“Oh! Sorry. You look like you do,” she said.

I gave her my best John Reece/Jim Caviezel look and sotto voce and oh-so-cooly replied, “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” she replied. “You have that used-book look.”

 Jim Caviezel as John Reece in the CBS television series PERSON OF INTEREST.

FEATURED IMAGE: The photo at the top of this page is actor Jim Caviezel as John Reece in a CBS tele­vi­sion se­ries we just binge-watched our way through. In the show’s first season, Caviezel played Reece in a rather stiff Clint East­woodian manner that made the prospect of more sea­sons seem dire. But he picked up the second season, adding just enough humor and warmth to make his al­most mo­notone char­acter more en­gaging. The re­maining four season were a fun roller-coaster ride.


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