welcoming jayce hunter messenger to this whole world (om-dot-diddit)

ON NOVEMBER 18, 2016, my wondrous daughter Ananda gave birth to my first grandchild, Jayce Hunter Messenger. Daughter and grandchild are doing well, as is new daddy Jamison Messenger. I waited a few weeks to post these photos as I wanted to give J.H. some time to recuperate from the transition.

Jayce is a Scorpio. That sign covers those souls who transitioned between October 23 and November 21. And I have my own personal nest of Scorpions in my life. Er, that should be “nest of Scorpios.”

What can a poor Virgo do among all these emotionally volatile souls? As someone once famous once said, “So it goes.”


I found the stunning photo of this whole world at the top of this page linked to an article titled “Life Before Birth” by Herb Fitch. For those who want to see the full photo, click HERE.

Finally, for those who don’t get the musical allusion in the title, click HEAR and dig.


“Late at night I think about the love of this whole world,
lots of different people everywhere.
And when I go anywhere, I see love. (

[br] [br]  [br] 

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      1. NDJ

        After responding to your comment above, I added “Om-dot-diddit” to the article’s title and dropped a lovely prismatically colored symbol for Om into the article.


        PS: Who but the early ’70s Beach Boys could cop the sound for oneness with the universe and transform it into a doowop mantra used as nonsense backing vocals? You think Mike had anything to do with that?

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