what turns you off about loaded questions about tom cruise?

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IF I GAVE A DAMN about the per­sonal lives of ac­tors and artists—if I let the things they say and do keep me from their accomplishments—I might not have any books to read, any records to hear, any movies to see. Thank­fully, Wholly Grom­mett in His Fi­nite Wisdom did not create me that way: I don’t give a damn about the per­sonal lives of these people (un­less, of course, they’re mon­sters of some sort).

So, the ques­tion on Quora is, “What turns you off about Tom Cruise?”—a loaded ques­tion, to be sure. The first an­swer that popped up when I looked at the page was someone going on about Sci­en­tology. So I took a gulp of my Café Bustelo and plunged on in with my own re­sponse (in­dented below):

You had me at Mimi

Since I don’t give a damn about his per­sonal life—except en­vying him Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, and Pene­lope Cruz—I just get to dig his re­mark­able ca­reer as an actor.

Too many won­derful per­for­mances to list, so I will just choose two per­sonal faves that don’t get a lot of at­ten­tion: Vanilla Sky (which may fea­ture the best use of rock music in a movie since Easy Rider) and The Last Samurai.

I not only don’t care that Samurai ripped off James Clavell, but it made me want more James Clavell rip-offs!

And when Sci­en­tology starts killing people at the rate the Chris­tians and Mus­lims have killed people throughout his­tory, maybe I will start caring about Tom’s per­sonal life.


TomCruise TheLastSamurai 1000

FEATURED IMAGE: Tom Cruise in the armor of a Samurai war­rior of 19th cen­tury Japan from the movie The Last Samurai. And, yes, the movie takes great lib­er­ties with his­tory. And, yes, it might seem like you are watching a James Clavell rip-off, but if you’re a James Clavell fan, wouldn’t you ant more rip-offs?

And, no, Cruise’s char­acter is not the person to which the movie’s title refers. See the movie and find out who it does refer to.



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