want to find “Q”? find the missing basement ...

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WHERE THE HECK IS “Q”?!!? Since the demise of 8chan in Au­gust 2019 due to its being linked to acts of vi­o­lence (in­cluding the gunman who killed at least 49 people at mosques in New Zealand), the supderduper anony­mous “Q” has been silent. While the loss of the no­to­rious so­cial media platform—effectively a vir­tual home for Q and his/her/their followers—has forced those fol­lowers to other sites, little has been heard from Q his/her/their self (selves?) since.

Here’s why: Bill and Hill had Q kid­napped and they’re hiding him/her/they in the missing base­ment of the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria in DC (mys­te­ri­ously re­ferred to as “the Comet” by its habitues). So, if the QAnon-ers can figure out where the Clin­tons hid that base­ment, they will find Q.

Please do not con­tact me for ad­di­tional in­for­ma­tion. All that I can say for cer­tain about the missing base­ment is:

1.  It’s not at the Alamo.
2. The Comet does not take reser­va­tions but serves on a first-come-first-served basis.

PS: Photo lifted from NBC News.


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Neal, I don’t know....although I do love a good pie.