motor scooters and the return of the five dollar buck lunch

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FIVE DAYS A WEEK at ap­prox­i­mately 6:30 AM, I drive Berni two miles down the road to a shop­ping center where the rel­a­tively re­li­able vi­t­amin shop where she works as a “con­sul­tant” is lo­cated. Since it is a shop­ping center, the ubiq­ui­tous Star­bucks has a stand-alone building with a drive-through window is right up front along the road.

This morning I saw some­thing that I had never seen be­fore: a bright red motor scooter was taking up one of the Star­bucks parking spaces all by it­self. A motor scooter ap­par­ently being used as a mode of trans­porta­tion on the streets of modern America!

A motor scooter in a part of the country noted for traffic con­ges­tion and re­ally lousy dri­vers, most of whom de­light in multi-tasking be­hind the wheel with their cell-phone af­fixed to one hand at all times.

I can think of only two sights in­volving ve­hi­cles more in­con­gruous than someone riding a scooter in to­day’s traffic in Red­mond, Wash­ington: an aging white man in a “lowrider,” and anyone BUT a white man or woman be­hind the wheel of a Volk­swagen Beetle!

The five dollar buck lunch

When leaving the shop­ping center, the exit is right turn-only. There­fore, my re­turn trip is a some­what dif­ferent route than my ear­lier drive. So it was that I passed a chain restau­rant that I had written about last year on this blog. They had re­turned a spe­cial dining offer to their marquee:


While I un­der­stand the in­tent of these words, they got it wrong. The “$5” symbol is uni­ver­sally un­der­stood to mean “five dol­lars.” The word buck is Amer­ican slang for dollar. There­fore, the symbol fol­lowed by the two words above read as “Five dollar dollar lunch.”

But buck is also a male deer or an­te­lope. Reading it this way—that is, reading it lit­er­ally and there­fore correctly—one could as­sume that the restau­rant was of­fering a lun­cheon spe­cial fea­turing venison for five dollars . . .


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