why would anyone design movie subtitles that ruin movie watching?

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IN MY HOME, we do not watch tele­vi­sion as an on­going, up-to-the-minute medium. We do watch tele­vi­sion se­ries that come highly rec­om­mended to us. We do not have cable or any other modern doohickey for pulling sig­nals out of the air. Nor do we sub­scribe to Net­flix or any other renting organization.

We use the King County Li­brary System, one of the best in the country. So our House Of cards—like every other se­ries or movie we watch—is on DVD. Hard copy.

Tonight we placed the first disc of the first season of a highly an­tic­i­pated pro­gram, House Of Cards, fea­turing an ex­cel­lent cast headed by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. For some reason—and like so many other tele­vi­sion series—the audio track is les than stellar: words are gar­bled to the point where nei­ther of us can un­der­stand what is being said.

No problem—we just turn on the Eng­lish subtitles!

Common sense, yes?

Not for the House Of Cards graphics de­part­ment.

Nooooo, for the House Of Cards people the sub­ti­tles are large block print in strips of color that block out the image be­hind it! Who would think to do such a thing? Why would anyone de­sign movie sub­ti­tles that ruin movie watching?

Sub­ti­tles are usu­ally in plain white type, not too large to dis­tract from the image, and are set on trans­paren­cies so that they do NOT block any of the im­ages be­hind them.

Well, dear sirs and madams, these blots on the film are too an­noying to watch. We turned them off and gave the audio an­other chance but gave up in frus­tra­tion trying to figure out what was being said.

I checked out Amazon and other in­ternet sites for al­ter­na­tives to this DVD edi­tion and there are none at this time.

So, until a new edi­tion of for the House Of Cards is is­sued and graphics people who know what they are doing are hired for the sub­ti­tles, the Bern and I will not be seeing Spacey Wright and Com­pany in action.

PS: This is not the first time we have had to stop watching a video due to ob­nox­ious sub­ti­tles, but it is rare in discs of re­cent vin­tage (like the past ten years or so). O well . . .





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