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pam grier, a long time woman, and coincidence

OUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS KNOW that we don’t watch “tele­vi­sion.” It’s not that we don’t have cable or do any streaming, we don’t even have our tele­vi­sion set up to re­ceive the stan­dard local broad­casts. But we love good movies and tele­vi­sion se­ries! Our media of choice in seeing these is the in­creas­ingly an­ti­quated DVD. [Continue reading]

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is the consistent misuse of “moot” is just a moo point anyway?

SEVERAL WORDS ARE MISUSED with great consistently—and often great dexterity—on the in­ternet. “Moot” is one of them. Given that it can be used as a noun, a verb, and an ad­jec­tive, it’s not sur­prising that users get things mixed up and be­come mis­users and even abusers. While its use as an ad­jec­tive is what I want to ad­dress here, I might as well give you the whole shebang. [Continue reading]