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sometimes “alias” ain’t no alias at all

I LOGGED INTO my li­brary ac­count and in the Search field typed “alias.” I wanted to place a hold on the fourth and fifth sea­sons of the ABC tele­vi­sion se­ries Alias from ear­lier in this cen­tury, star­ring Jen­nifer Garner. Aside from the five DVDs for the se­ries and per­haps a few books about the show, I wasn’t ex­pecting a large number of en­tries under that word. [Continue reading]

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laughing with alan watts and the wild hogs

WHO RECOMMENDED “WILD HOGS”? This fur­sh­lug­giner film is poorly con­ceived and pre­dictably point­less! It’s a biker-comedy (?) with an im­pres­sive if motley cast. There are four male leads, two roles filled by a couple of se­rious ac­tors that I enjoy seeing in just about any­thing. Un­for­tu­nately, a pair of sup­pos­edly funny ac­tors that I rarely enjoy in any­thing oc­cu­pies the other two roles. [Continue reading]

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on being eminently beddable (my crush on marisa tomei)

FOLLOWING MY POST on being bul­lied for merely being be­lieved to be gay in high school with a nice bit of musing on at­trac­tive women seemed ap­pro­priate to reaf­firm my status as a het­ero­sexual of manly man. So, here I in­tro­duce the term Em­i­nently Bed­d­able (EB) and ex­plain its ori­gins and then very briefly dis­cuss a movie star who I be­lieve fits the de­scrip­tion perfectly. [Continue reading]

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why mariel hemingway’s new revelation about woody allen doesn’t matter

“WOODY ALLEN IS A PREDATOR.Or so screams out from the Salon web­site posted on March 26, 2015. The sub-title is “Why Mariel Hemingway’s new rev­e­la­tion mat­ters,” and it is meant to grab my attention—and it has. It also send chills up my spine and should yours also, whether you’re in the “I knew it!” [Continue reading]

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what’s with all the different dvd packaging? (make up your minds already)

WHAT’S WITH THE DVD PACKAGING? A simple ques­tion, right? Why so many dif­ferent boxes jackets sleeves what­ever? Why no uni­for­mity or user friend­li­ness? And I don’t even want to start on the way DVDs begin: the var­ious way-too-clever man­ners in which bored techs find to align the chap­ters or choices in the opening min­utes of the video is often con­fusing and frustrating! [Continue reading]