on mutual orgasm and the generation gap

Es­ti­mated reading time is 1 minute.

TWO ELDERLY WIDOWS, Ethel and Mabel, were walking back to the re­tire­ment home where they lived. Along the way, they were talking about young people. Ethel turned to Mabel and said, “You know, Mabel, I’ve been lis­tening to them and all they talk about is mu­tual or­gasm. Mu­tual or­gasm here, mu­tual or­gasm there! That’s all they talk about!”

Mabel said, “What was that, dear?”

Ethel spoke louder: “I said MUTUAL ORGASM! It’s all they talk about!”

“Oh,” replied Mabel.

“Tell me, Mabel, when your hus­band was alive,” said Ethel, “did you have mu­tual orgasm?”

Mabel thought for a mo­ment, and then smiled and said, “No, dear. I be­lieve we had State Farm . . .”


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