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I SUBSCRIBE TO SEVERAL NEWSLETTERS that are ac­cu­rately re­ferred to by my less-enlightened brothers and sisters—you know them as “conservatives”—as being of the “bleeding heart lib­eral” (BHL) ilk. You know: things like global cli­mate change, en­dan­gered species, women’s/gay/minority rights (no­tably any steps to­ward equality for any or all groups who do not cur­rently enjoy that status), let­ters to the Pres­i­dent, Con­gress, large cor­po­ra­tions, etc., asking them to stop killing us, yada yoda blah blah.

I usu­ally post 15-30 such pe­ti­tions a week on my Face­book page.

(Re­garding “mi­nori­ties” here in the US and their “rights”: I do draw the line and will NOT post pe­ti­tions for NAMBLA and other such, um, groups-who-push-the-envelope-in-the-wrong-direction . . .)

So, those of you of a sim­ilar BHL dis­po­si­tion, save your­self a lot of time opening and reading all of the re­quests you find on your email every day and just go to my new Face­book page (Bleeding Heart Lib­eral Pe­ti­tions) and check out those that I have pre-approved!

And, for the most part, I avoid posting pe­ti­tions hat re­quest any­thing more than your name, email ad­dress, and zip code. (That is: no street ad­dresses or phone num­bers re­quired to com­plete the petition.)

For those readers who have never used Face­book: type “Face­book” into your ad­dress bar at the top of your browser and press the RETURN button on your key­board; when you get to Face­book, type in “bleeding hear lib­eral pe­ti­tions” and there you are. 

Today (July 22, 2013), I posted pe­ti­tions asking Pres­i­dent Obama to halt seismic airgun testing along the three coasts of the US, to as­sist Sen­ator Warren in her at­tempts to pass a new Glass-Steagall type bill to pre­vent banksters from gam­bling with in­vestors’ money, and to sup­port the Global Democ­racy Pro­mo­tion Act.


Scrooge Searle 1000 1

FEATURED IMAGE: The drawing at the top of this page de­picts Ebenezer Scrooge from Charles Dick­ens’s A Christmas Carol by one of my fa­vorite il­lus­tra­tors, Ronald Searle.


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