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I SUBSCRIBE TO SEVERAL NEWSLETTERS that are accurately referred to by my less-enlightened brothers and sisters—you know them as “conservatives”—as being of the “bleeding heart liberal” (BHL) ilk. You know: things like global climate change, endangered species, women’s/gay/minority rights (notably any steps toward equality for any or all groups who do not currently enjoy that status), letters to the President, Congress, large corporations, etc., asking them to stop killing us, yada yoda blah blah.

I usually post 15-30 petitions a week on my Facebook page.

(Regarding “minorities” here in the US and their “rights”: I do draw the line and will NOT post petitions for NAMBLA and other such, um, groups-who-push-the-envelope-in-the-wrong-direction . . .)

So, those of you of a similar BHL disposition, save yourself a lot of time opening and reading all of the requests you find on your email every day and just go to my new Facebook page (Bleeding Heart Liberal Petitions) and check out those that I have pre-approved!

And, for the most part, I avoid posting petitions that request anything more than your name, email address, and zip code. (That is: no street addresses or phone numbers are required to complete the petition.)

For those readers who have never used Facebook: type “Facebook” into your address bar at the top of your browser and press the RETURN button on your keyboard; when you get to Facebook, type in “bleeding heart liberal petitions” and there you are. 

Today (July 22, 2013), I posted petitions asking President Obama to halt seismic airgun testing along the three coasts of the US, to assist Senator Warren in her attempts to pass a new Glass-Steagall-type bill to prevent banksters from gambling with investors’ money and to support the Global Democracy Promotion Act.


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FEATURED IMAGE: The drawing at the top of this page depicts Ebenezer Scrooge from Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol by one of my favorite illustrators, Ronald Searle.



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