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no sweat (a poem)

No Sweat

(A poem by Ananda)

I am tired of the excuses.
I am uninspired by the same song.
Seems like everybody wants a quick fix.
Seems like nobody wants to put in the work.

No pain, no sweat.
No gain, no loss.

Seems like everybody wants the promotion
but nobody wants to climb that mountain. [Read more] “no sweat (a poem)”

grow up, peter pan (a poem)

Grow up, Peter Pan!

(A poem by Ananda)

Grow up, Peter Pan!
You can’t stay in Neverland forever.
There will be a day when the dust rubs off;
you’ll hit the ground and look up at the stars;
you’ll sit and wonder, “Where did my life go?” 
‘Cause you’re no longer a Lost Boy,
just an old pirate creeper playing little boy games. [Read more] “grow up, peter pan (a poem)”

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entangled in a symphony of brightness


Entangled in a symphony of brightness
the universe is
the wisdom of the mechanics of miracles


The universe is
eternal stillness = spiritual human observation


The universe is
the unexplainable (who which that) inspires subjective self-knowledge


The universe is
the future:  illuminations, descriptions of potentiality

                      evolution, the ground of immortal actions
                      existence, the heart of sub-empirical bliss


The invisible regulates karmic external reality
your heart is a modality of boundless photons
and imagination is reborn in unparalleled success


The universe is
the future:  knowledge is entangled in a symphony of
                     brightness (as) the web of life imparts reality
                     to progressive expansion of positivity
                     (while) the cosmos differentiates
                     into an expression of choices


Transcendence arises and subsides in precious silence

 arises and subsides
 in precious silence)


is . . . [Read more] “entangled in a symphony of brightness”