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religion is such a great thing (found poetry of donald trump)

Religion Is Such a Great Thing

(a found poem based on the state­ments of Donald Trump)


re­li­gion is such a great thing
it keeps you, you know, there’s some­thing to be good about
you want to be good when you have some­thing like that
          (it keeps you, you know)
you want to be good
you want to go to heaven
you want to be good
you want to go to heaven

heaven? [Read more] “religion is such a great thing (found poetry of donald trump)”

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no sweat (a poem)

No Sweat

(A poem by Ananda)

I am tired of the excuses.
I am unin­spired by the same song.
Seems like every­body wants a quick fix.
Seems like no­body wants to put in the work.

No pain, no sweat.
No gain, no loss.

Seems like every­body wants the promotion
but no­body wants to climb that mountain. [Read more] “no sweat (a poem)”

grow up, peter pan (a poem)

Grow up, Peter Pan!

(A poem by Ananda)

Grow up, Peter Pan!
You can’t stay in Nev­er­land forever.
There will be a day when the dust rubs off;
you’ll hit the ground and look up at the stars;
you’ll sit and wonder, “Where did my life go?” 
‘Cause you’re no longer a Lost Boy,
just an old pi­rate creeper playing little boy games. [Read more] “grow up, peter pan (a poem)”

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entangled in a symphony of brightness


En­tan­gled in a sym­phony of brightness
the uni­verse is
the wisdom of the me­chanics of miracles


The uni­verse is
eternal still­ness = spir­i­tual human observation


The uni­verse is
the un­ex­plain­able (who which that) in­spires sub­jec­tive self-knowledge


The uni­verse is
the fu­ture:  il­lu­mi­na­tions, de­scrip­tions of potentiality

                      evo­lu­tion, the ground of im­mortal actions
                      ex­is­tence, the heart of sub-empirical bliss


The in­vis­ible reg­u­lates karmic ex­ternal reality
your heart is a modality of bound­less photons
and imag­i­na­tion is re­born in un­par­al­leled success


The uni­verse is
the fu­ture:  knowl­edge is en­tan­gled in a sym­phony of
                     bright­ness (as) the web of life im­parts reality
                     to pro­gres­sive ex­pan­sion of positivity
                     (while) the cosmos differentiates
                     into an ex­pres­sion of choices


Tran­scen­dence arises and sub­sides in pre­cious silence

 arises and subsides
 in pre­cious silence)


is . . . [Read more] “entangled in a symphony of brightness”