no sweat (a poem)

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No Sweat

(A poem by Ananda)

I am tired of the excuses.
I am uninspired by the same song.
Seems like everybody wants a quick fix.
Seems like nobody wants to put in the work.

No pain, no sweat.
No gain, no loss.

Seems like everybody wants the promotion
but nobody wants to climb that mountain.
Everyone’s afraid of that rejection
but weighed down by their own pride.

Everyone seems to be on a diet.
Everyone dreams about what the media says is the perfect body.
But instead of putting in the work to change their lifestyle,
eople keep cutting into their bodies to look like Barbie or Dwayne.

Shake those hips ’cause everyone wants to see that booty in those tight jeans.
Fake lashes, fake lips—cover up those flaws nobody wants to see you!
Big chest, skinny waist—keep up with the Photoshop girls on those magazines!
They all want a taste of your milkshake.

No sweat, no defeat.
No regret, no anxiety.

Gotta look like Zac to get into the box office.
Don’t be a fool—we can’t even make up our minds about what we want to eat!

Nobody can make up their minds.
Everybody says it’s not okay to fat shame 
but yesterday I just got shamed for being skinny!
At least I can get on the playground with my son.
At least I know how to stand my ground and walk away.
I turned around and I took the highway because I’m better than that.
I’m gonna take my toothpick self away from you!

No shame, no fight.
No game, no heartbreak.

When there’s a will there’s a way!
And just like Will says, 
nly you are responsible for your own happiness.

Stop blaming everyone for your loss!
Stop shaming everyone for who they are!
Let’s build us up with light and positivity 
because it’s us against them.

And the more we fight, the more they win,
the more we lose sight of who we truly are.
But you’re gonna do what you’re gonna do anyways
ince you don’t wanna hear it any other way.

No pain, no sweat.
No gain, no win.


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FEATURED IMAGE: The image at the top of the page is a caricature/toy of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson by Brain Baity. To see more images of Roy’s design, click here.



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