I can only think of one question I would pose linda ronstadt

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I DON’T MEAN TO IGNORE THIS, my pri­mary blog, but I have been pre-occupied with sev­eral other projects and most of my en­er­gies and at­ten­tion have gone there. One of them was finding a new theme for my blogs, which reg­ular readers should have no­ticed I did find sev­eral weeks ago. The new “look” is cour­tesy of the free Gen­erate Press theme tweaked with CSS Hero.

The other is a rather mas­sive project in­volving the Elvis Presley Gold Stan­dard Se­ries of records on my A Touch Of Gold site. Every now and then I take a break and pe­ruse the ques­tions on Quora. Today I found this one: “If You Were Stuck In an El­e­vator with a Rock Star (Living or Dead), Who Would It Be?”

It im­plies all sorts of fan­tasy in­cluding what ap­pears to be a magic el­e­vator that can res­ur­rect the dead. I as­sume the ques­tioner in­tended that magic el­e­vator to allow us to res­ur­rect those dead stars at ap­pro­priate ages. For ex­ample, if you are a John Lennon fan, at what stage in his life would you want to be alone with the man and to speak with him:

•  At the be­gin­ning of his ca­reer with the Beatles?
•  At the be­gin­ning of Beatlemania?
•  At the height of the Bea­tles’ creativity?
•  At the be­gin­ning of his solo career?

Of course, some of you might want to talk to him after his en­counter with Mark David Chapman in 1980, maybe ask him if he has found out yet if the Bea­tles re­ally were more pop­ular than Jesus.


LindaRonstadt VeryBest CD 600

The photo used for the cover of THE VERY BEST OF LINDA RONSTADT com­pact disc would have also made a lovely fea­tured image for this ar­ticle. A two-disc set that col­lects 23 of her recordings—including most of the big hits—although they are not in chrono­log­ical order, so it’s a bit of a hodge­podge compilation.

I can only think of one question

I thought about things like this and then de­cided that I may be an old fart now, but I still re­member fan­tasies from my younger days. You know, back when my sex drive played a much more promi­nent part of the way my day went. And that is what guided my answer:

“I wouldn’t need the magic el­e­vator in this ques­tion to res­ur­rect the dead (al­though I’d have a ton of ques­tions for ei­ther Elvis or Colonel Parker).

I’d like the el­e­vator to get stuck with the 39-year-old me in­side alone with the 31-year-old Linda Ronstadt.

Oddly, I can only think of one ques­tion I would pose to her . . .”


LindaRonstadt makeup ad 1976 900 copy

FEATURED IMAGE: The photo at the top of the page is from the booklet in THE VERY BEST OF LINDA RONSTADT com­pact disc. It is a photo of her from around 1976 when she was 31 years old.


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