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a little personal background information

WHEN REQUIRED TO POST A PROFILE on the in­ternet, I usu­ally write, “Mys­tical lib­eral likes long walks alone at night in the dark in the city in the rain with an um­brella and a flask of 10-year-old Laphroaig.” While this bit of irony works for some readers, others want a little more in terms of per­sonal back­ground information. [Continue reading]

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shhh ... I’m starting a conspiracy theory here to get people masked and vaccinated

SSSHHHHHH! I’m starting a con­spiracy theory here to scare people into get­ting masked and vac­ci­nated. I want to spread a rumor that the coro­n­avirus is re­ally a con­spiracy by the elite alien rep­tiles to pass their sperm from human to human.

They do this by using the mois­ture in a sneeze or a cough or a kiss or even just in speaking as their medium to im­preg­nate people and turn “us” into “them.” [Continue reading]

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because of jessica wildfire, I found martin rowson

JESSICA WILDFIRE IS BECOMING one of my fa­vorite jour­nal­ists. She de­scribes her­self as an “un­flu­encer,” which I as­sume is a play on those odd crea­tures of so­cial media known as “in­flu­encers.” She is also a top writer in gov­ern­ment, health, pol­i­tics, cul­ture, and life on Medium. And be­cause of her, if rather in­di­rectly, I dis­cov­ered the art­work of Martin Rowson.

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