those fabulous furless geek brothers (rendered unimportant by recent events)

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THE BIG BANG THEORY is an end­lessly re­watch­able show: aside from the fab­u­lous char­ac­ters and the in­ter­twin­ing of their per­sonal lives, the di­a­log is chock-a-block full of hu­mor of all sorts, from the zany to the kind that re­quires the viewer ei­ther have a rea­son­able IQ or ac­cess to the In­ter­net to look things up. And READ MORE “those fab­u­lous fur­less geek broth­ers (ren­dered unim­por­tant by re­cent events)”

a glossary of terms for understanding wordpress

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WORDPRESS. I don't write about it be­cause I am not tech­ni­cally qual­i­fied to say much. All my sites were built by me us­ing Word­Press and are main­tained by me. I was able to fol­low most di­rec­tions, even though many were poorly writ­ten. It took too much time and was un­nec­es­sar­ily dif­fi­cult and frus­trat­ing — five years and READ MORE “a glos­sary of terms for un­der­stand­ing word­press”

it was fifty years ago today, mayor daley sent his troops to play

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MY SEVENTEENTH YEAR of this life-cycle opened with the Viet Cong launch­ing the Tet Of­fen­sive, in which they put the lie to every­thing our gov­ern­ment, our mil­i­tary, and our me­dia had been telling us about the war "over there." This sup­pos­edly causes Pres­i­dent Lyn­don John­son to an­nounce that he will not seek re-election.

In April, READ MORE “it was fifty years ago to­day, mayor da­ley sent his troops to play”

and, lo, a bodhisattva savant rose in the west

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I SPEND SO MUCH TIME re­search­ing the var­i­ous top­ics that I write about, I re­ally don't have much time left to read oth­ers' blogs — which is a shame, be­cause we are liv­ing through some kind of golden age of free­dom of ex­pres­sion of what­ever the hell you wanna say and have the ac­tual pos­si­bil­ity of hav­ing mil­lions READ MORE “and, lo, a bod­hisattva sa­vant rose in the west”

my facebook page is a rightwingnut hate free zone

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BLOODY HELL, but I am fed up with the racism and the ho­mo­pho­bia and the misog­yny and all the other hate-based ‘isms’ be­hind an end­less stream of com­ments posted by rightwingnuts on Face­book and in the Com­ments sec­tions of oth­er­wise de­cent web­sites. Now we have to wade through their foul com­ments fu­eled by their lat­est READ MORE “my face­book page is a rightwingnut hate free zone”

oops! I do not think that means what you think it means

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THE HEADLINE caught my at­ten­tion, as it was sup­posed to: "Ad­vanced OOP For Word­Press." As should be ob­vi­ous to most peo­ple fa­mil­iar with news­pa­per, mag­a­zines, and now on­line ar­ti­cles, the head­line is usu­ally the first thing that most read­ers see in any ar­ti­cle. Con­se­quently, it is usu­ally the first thing they READ MORE “oops! I do not think that means what you think it means”

a crusty old fart answers a question about today's popular music

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ON QUORAa young man asked me to an­swer the burn­ing ques­tion, “What do heavy metal mu­sic fans think about mod­ern pop mu­sic?” my first thought was, "Wow! Did you come to the wrong per­son!" Then i though, "I can do this and have some fun along the way.

I'm post­ing my re­sponse here on Neal READ MORE “a crusty old fart an­swers a ques­tion about today's pop­u­lar mu­sic”

the lollygagging is over and "the endless sixties" is up and running!

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AFTER TWO WHOLE YEARS of lol­ly­gag­ging, dil­ly­dal­ly­ing, pussy­foot­ing, and plain old fart­ing around, I fi­nally (FINALLY!) got my new blog off the ground: The End­less Six­ties is up and run­ning and wait­ing for read­ers. There are half a dozen ar­ti­cles al­ready posted plus the home­page, and every­one should read the in­tro­duc­tory home­page first, of READ MORE “the lol­ly­gag­ging is over and "the end­less six­ties" is up and run­ning!”

look it up! (then research everything you looked up)

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BACK UP AN ARGUMENT by quot­ing some­thing found on a web­site and, re­gard­less of your in­tel­li­gence or your re­search skills, you'll likely be told, You can't be­lieve any­thing you read on the in­ter­net.” My nor­mal re­join­der is to point out that's akin to say­ing that you can't be­lieve any­thing you read in the READ MORE “look it up! (then re­search every­thing you looked up)”

the hydra of hate bubbling beneath america's surface

MultiHeadedHydra 1600

I SKIPPED "MONSTER TALK" with Blake Smith as he pre­pared for Cryp­tid­Con in the lat­est Skep­tic newslet­ter. The ques­tion “What does sci­ence have to tell us about mon­sters” didn't at­tract my in­ter­est. Nor did com­mon mis­con­cep­tions about the ori­gins and de­vel­op­ment of iden­ti­cal and fra­ter­nal twins. But I did eye the key ar­ti­cle READ MORE “the hy­dra of hate bub­bling be­neath america's sur­face”

big bad eagle steals dinner from baby fox who killed an innocent rabbit

Eagle FoxRabbit 1 1500

BERNI CAME HOME LAST NIGHT and im­me­di­ately asked me to look up a video on the in­ter­net that had everyone's at­ten­tion — at least where she worked. It was a lo­cal story that had some­thing to do with a fox and an ea­gle. I went to my trusty browser and typed in "ea­gle fox" and there were tons of READ MORE “big bad ea­gle steals din­ner from baby fox who killed an in­no­cent rab­bit”

an experiment that actually curbed hate speech on the internet

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I HATE BULLIES and I see inter­net trolls as bul­lies. So I hate in­ter­net trolls. But aside from Face­book, where I can keep them curbed by ex­clud­ing them from my com­ment thread, I have lit­tle in­ter­ac­tion on so­cial me­dia plat­forms on the in­ter­net. Con­se­quently, I have lit­tle in­ter­ac­tion with bul­lies and trolls on the in­ter­net.

Oh, I see them when READ MORE “an ex­per­i­ment that ac­tu­ally curbed hate speech on the in­ter­net”