john ford and woody allen and stanley kubrick (and clint eastwood)

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TWO OF MY FAVORITE DIRECTORS are John Ford and Woody Allen. For the for­mer, think Harry Carey and Henry Fonda and John Wayne. Men's and women's men. For the lat­ter, think Di­ane Keaton and Mia Far­row and Di­ane Wiest and Mira Sorvino and Scar­lett Jo­hans­son and Pene­lope Cruz. Men's and women's women.

Mr. Ford made his READ MORE “john ford and woody allen and stan­ley kubrick (and clint east­wood)”

can liberals be cheerleaders for conservatives with guns yes we can can!

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IF YOU LIKE WEIRD NEWS ARTICLES that al­low you to in­fer a hel­luva lot more than the ar­ti­cle ac­tu­ally says, today's Seat­tle Times (July 20, 2013) did not dis­ap­point! This is the bizarre head­line: “Sorry, hunters: Shoot­ing down drones is not OK with FAA.”  Does that re­ally need say­ing, let alone make the news?

It READ MORE “can lib­er­als be cheer­lead­ers for con­ser­v­a­tives with guns yes we can can!”

looks like we will be needing more snowdens

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FROM TODAY'S SEATTLE TIMES (July 19, 2013) and a piece ti­tled “U.S. Of­fi­cials says NSA tak­ing steps to stop leaks” (page A2): an AP ar­ti­cle ac­knowl­edges that “The in­for­ma­tion re­vealed [by Ed­ward Snow­den] that the agency was gath­er­ing mil­lions of US phone records and in­ter­cept­ing some US In­ter­net traf­fic.” Which, if you care about READ MORE “looks like we will be need­ing more snow­dens”

for want of a hyphen ("I want hyphen")

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FROM TODAY'S SEATTLE TIMES (July 19, 2013) and a piece ti­tled “Gun-rights group sues city over emails al­legedly with­held” (page B1): an or­ga­ni­za­tion called Wash­ing­ton Cease­Fire is de­scribed as “an anti-gun vi­o­lence group.” Tech­ni­cally, this is cor­rect: the hy­phen is nec­es­sary to link “anti” with “gun.” But the word “vi­o­lence “ READ MORE “for want of a hy­phen ("I want hy­phen")”

what's a "buck lunch"? (or, whats a buck lunch)

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I TOOK BERNI to her morn­ing cof­fee at a nearby Star­bucks she wakes up five days a week with that place's caf­feine and a book be­fore go­ing to work. On the way back home, I drove past a lo­cal chain restau­rant. Their sign ad­ver­tised the fol­low­ing:



Now, if Eng­lish is your na­tive lan­guage, your brain reg­is­ters ex­actly what READ MORE “what's a "buck lunch"? (or, whats a buck lunch)”

a stickler for rules (at least for grammar)


I STARTED WRITING when I was in grade school. Re­cently, a class­mate of my brother's found a copy of a "news­pa­per" that Chester Street El­e­men­tary School pub­lished in 1964. In it was a one para­graph ar­ti­cle by my brother fol­lowed by a three para­graph "ar­ti­cle" by me. It summed up oh so briefly the Philadel­phia Phillies' phe­nom­e­nal rookie, Richie Allen.READ MORE “a stick­ler for rules (at least for gram­mar)”