what’s a “buck lunch”? (or, whats a buck lunch)

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I TOOK BERNI to her morning coffee at a nearby Starbucks she wakes up five days a week with that place’s caffeine and a book before going to work. On the way back home, I drove past a local chain restaurant. Their sign advertised the following:



Now, if English is your native language, your CONTINUE READING

a stickler for rules (at least for grammar)


I STARTED WRITING when I was in grade school. Recently, a classmate of my brother’s found a copy of a “newspaper” that Chester Street Elementary School published in 1964. In it was a one paragraph article by my brother followed by a three paragraph “article” by me. It summed up oh so briefly the Philadelphia CONTINUE READING

the origin of neals rants

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NIGH ON TEN YEARS AGO, I had a job in Seattle: I was a telemarketer for the 5th Avenue Theatre. The 5th was one of two main venues for Broadway-style musicals, a genre that had left me less than moved my entire life. My job entailed calling basically anyone who had purchased a CONTINUE READING