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yard sale find of old bowl worth half-a-million dollars!

YOU SHOULD HAVE HEARD ABOUT the yard sale find that is all over the in­ternet by now. A person paid the $35 asking price for a porce­lain bowl at a yard sale in Con­necticut. The buyer was an “an­tique en­thu­siast” who thought the old bowl could be some­thing spe­cial, meaning the buyer prob­ably had con­sid­er­able ex­pe­ri­ence in buying and selling such things. [Continue reading]

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pam grier, a long time woman, and coincidence

OUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS KNOW that we don’t watch “tele­vi­sion.” It’s not that we don’t have cable or do any streaming, we don’t even have our tele­vi­sion set up to re­ceive the stan­dard local broad­casts. But we love good movies and tele­vi­sion se­ries! Our media of choice in seeing these is the in­creas­ingly an­ti­quated DVD. [Continue reading]

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psychedelic mushrooms and the origins of santa claus

THE IMAGE OF SANTA CLAUS in a sleigh pulled by flying rein­deer that al­lows him to visit bil­lions of house­holds around the globe in a single night is usu­ally taken for granted. It is so much a part of “tra­di­tional” western pop cul­ture that San­ta’s origins—especially the mag­ical parts—are rarely con­sid­ered by most people. [Continue reading]