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quora moderation said my answer may need improvement

I RE­CEIVED AN EMAIL FROM QUORA that read, “Quora Mod­er­a­tion col­lapsed your an­swer to ‘What ir­refutable facts do Trump sup­porters need to know about Trump to change their mind?’ for vi­o­lating a policy on Quora. Your an­swer may need im­prove­ment.” Re­ceiving what could only be in­ter­preted as a rep­ri­mand was a first for me—at least from Quora. [Read more] “quora moderation said my answer may need improvement”

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that’s what I’ve been telling people for fifty years!

NOAM CHOMSKY HAD AN IN­TER­VIEW sched­uled with Anand Girid­haradas for The.Ink web­site. While each in­ter­view promises the po­ten­tial of unique an­swers and even the pos­si­bility of new thoughts, de­pending on the in­ter­viewer, Chomsky pre­pared some notes to make cer­tain he men­tioned cer­tain points. So, Noam called me and said, “Neal, here is what I am preparing to say in my in­ter­view with Anand Girid­haradas: ‘The left po­si­tion is you rarely sup­port anyone. [Read more] “that’s what I’ve been telling people for fifty years!”

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is the consistent misuse of “moot” is just a moo point anyway?

SEV­ERAL WORDS ARE MIS­USED with great consistently—and often great dexterity—on the in­ternet. “Moot” is one of them. Given that it can be used as a noun, a verb, and an ad­jec­tive, it’s not sur­prising that users get things mixed up and be­come mis­users and even abusers. While its use as an ad­jec­tive is what I want to ad­dress here, I might as well give you the whole shebang. [Read more] “is the consistent misuse of “moot” is just a moo point anyway?”

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want to find “Q”? find the missing basement ...

WHERE THE HECK IS “Q”?!!? Since the demise of 8chan in Au­gust 2019 due to its being linked to acts of vi­o­lence (in­cluding the gunman who killed at least 49 people at mosques in New Zealand), the supderduper anony­mous “Q” has been silent. While the loss of the no­to­rious so­cial media platform—effectively a vir­tual home for Q and his/her/their followers—has forced those fol­lowers to other sites, little has been heard from Q his/her/their self (selves?) [Read more] “want to find “Q”? find the missing basement ...”

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I can only think of one question I would pose linda ronstadt

I DON’T MEAN TO IG­NORE THIS, my pri­mary blog, but I have been pre-occupied with sev­eral other projects and most of my en­er­gies and at­ten­tion have gone there. One of them was finding a new theme for my blogs, which reg­ular readers should have no­ticed I did find sev­eral weeks ago. [Read more] “I can only think of one question I would pose linda ronstadt”