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Reg­ular readers will no­tice that I have changed the look of Neal Umphred Dot Com: I re­placed the older theme (the Word­Press de­fault, Twenty Fif­teen) with the sleeker, more bal­anced, and all around love­lier Readit theme by Modern Themes. (There has been some ex­per­i­men­ta­tion: there was an in­terim look to this site that even more dra­matic but ul­ti­mately less satisfying.)

There were many rea­sons that I wanted a new look: the Twenty Fif­teen theme did not allow a full-width banner/header at the top, nor did it allow a footer at the bottom of each post/page.

Need­less to say, Readit al­lows both. 1

ATOG_20:15 1200

This is how Neal Umphred Dot Com looked with the Word­Press de­fault Twenty Fif­teen theme. Nice, clean, modern—but not what I was looking for. The theme that I am using now—and that you are looking at now—is Readit by Modern Themes. It is much closer to how I en­vi­sion things! 2

With Readit, when you click on one of the post ex­cerpts on NUDC’s home­page you are greeted with an enor­mous, full-screen image that is dra­matic and, hope­fully, both attention-getting and attention-keeping. As you scroll down to read, the header image has a slight par­allax ef­fect, which nor­mally would be too much chrome for my taste, but it words!

The Readit theme gives me a clean post page: header at top, footer below, and no dis­tracting (and un­nec­es­sary) sidebar. I like the look and the ease of ‘the read’ with this theme. Also, I was easily able to set the width of the column so that it is 75 char­ac­ters across, the max­imum length that most ty­pog­ra­phers rec­om­mend for set­ting book pages. 

I re­searched and de­moed hun­dreds of themes be­fore set­tling on Modern’s Readit. One of the de­ciding fac­tors was that the thumb­nails of the fea­tured im­ages on the home­page were of equal width. Most themes present a scaled thumb­nail with varying widths that I find just plain ugly.

When I first down­loaded Readit, I re­ceived a thank you email no­tice from one of Modern’s two owners. As I had some ques­tions, I ad­dressed them di­rectly to Robbie and he replied promptly. After a few of these I re­al­ized that sup­port columns exist for this sort of thing (both­ering owners) and I have been using that ever since.

With each of my ques­tions on the sup­port thread, I have re­ceived a prompt re­sponse from Robbie ad­dressing my is­sues to my satisfaction.

So, if you have your own site and are thinking of a new theme, give the Modern Themes web­site a look-see. You’ll see why I posted this free plug for Modern Themes and Readit Pro! 3

PS: If you are a reader of my other sites, I will be posting ar­ti­cles on each of them that are es­sen­tially the same as this one, so you can ig­nore them. I won’t mind . . .



1   The phrase need­less to say means “Very likely or ob­vious, self-evident. Al­though non­sen­sical at first glance—if un­nec­es­sary to say, why say it?—this phrase is gen­er­ally used for em­phasis. It orig­i­nated as need­less to speak in the early 1500s.” (The Free Dic­tio­nary) Need­less to say, vir­tu­ally every book on proper grammar warns against using these un­nec­es­sary three words.

2   Yes, I am using my A Touch Of Gold site as ex­ample above: I wrote this peice for that site and am using this image so I don’t have to make a bunch of changes in the this site’s theme stylesheet. Plus I get to plug my Elvis site!. 

3   In fact, I opted to up­grade to Readit Pro for the pri­ority sup­port (among other ex­tras) for a modest fee of $18.

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