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MAGAs hoping to retake this nation in 2024 already threatening poor libtards!

ARE LIBERALS READY for us MAGA Republicans to retake this nation in 2024? We are going to pass so many laws restricting them that their heads will explode.” That was the question/statement/declaration on Quora to which I responded in a manner that I hoped was entertaining and not seem insufferably silly. [Continue reading]

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follow the money from bushes to barnes

HISTORY NEEDS TO KNOW that former Lieutenant-Governor of Texas Ben Barnes has acknowledged being involved in an effort to get Iran to hold the American hostages so that Ronald Reagan could win the presidency in 1980. This is known as the October Surprise and there is a trail from this through the Bushes to Barnes. [Continue reading]

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why the hell wasn’t this october surprise story followed for years?

SOMEONE IN THE REAGAN CAMP approached the Iranian hostage takers in 1980 about not making a deal with President Carter until after the US elections of that year. Why wasn’t this story followed by the media and others for years except for a few people? And you know what they called us, right? [Continue reading]

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the first-ever donald trump nft trading card collectors convention

I’M CALLING LOCAL VENUES to rent a hall so that I can put on the first-ever Donald Trump NFT Collectors Convention. It doesn’t have to be a yuge hall because, unlike with comic books or records, I don’t need room for dealer’s tables because NFTs don’t take up any room because they’re not really real. [Continue reading]

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is google grooming me to love donald trump?

TOP-LEVEL FBI AGENT RESIGNS! The headline in this morning’s newsletter reads, “Top-level FBI agent under fire for his role in Hunter Biden investigation resigns.” It should have added “embattled” as the article addresses the resignation of agent Timothy Thibault, who has been repeatedly accused by Senator Chuck Grassley of mishandling the investigations into Hunter Biden. [Continue reading]

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maybe we should call them the “thoughts and prayers squad”

YOU’RE IN MY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS is fairly common condolence, although for many it sounds like a platitude. Merriam-Webster defines platitude as “a banal, trite, or stale remark” while Google defines it as “a remark or statement, especially one with a moral content, that has been used too often to be interesting or thoughtful.”

[Continue reading]
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the post’s experts never saw the hunter biden laptop let alone “analyzed” it

DOES THE “HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP” EVEN EXIST? On March 30, 2022, the once-hallowed Washington Post newspaper ran an article titled “Here’s how The Post analyzed Hunter Biden’s laptop.” The article carries a rather puzzling/troubling sub-title: “Two experts confirm the veracity of thousands of emails, but say a thorough examination was stymied by missing data.” [Continue reading]

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except for the masks, everything appeared relatively normal

I DID SOME SHOPPING YESTERDAY, mostly for food. I also hit the library along the way, using curbside pick-up for items I had ordered online. I picked up a few books (including Steven Pinker’s The Sense Of Style – The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century and Norman Spinrad’s Greenhouse Summer. [Continue reading]

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why is michael cohen telling it all to a “conservative” publisher?

RAW STORY’S TOP STORIES newsletter arrived at 5:51 AM today. The headline that caught my attention was “Michael Cohen is writing a bombshell tell-all book on President Trump to be released before the election.” The story was attributed to Tom Boggioni (April 18, 2020), who acknowledged his source as the Daily Beast in his first paragraph. [Continue reading]