a few words on finally seeing “independence day: resurgence”

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LIKE MILLIONS OF OTHER PEOPLE, we en­joyed the 1996 movie In­de­pen­dence Day. When it was re­leased, we heard nothing but good things so we splurged and sprang for a pair of tickets—a big deal for two old farts who re­member seeing Sat­urday mati­nees for a quarter—and saw it on the big screen. As sci­ence fiction-based dis­aster movies go, it was fun (if thin of plot) with good acting (if of un­der­de­vel­oped char­ac­ters) and rather im­pres­sive visuals.

But the second movie—In­de­pen­dence Day: Resur­gence—from 2016 is a dif­ferent story. Wikipedia states that “It re­ceived neg­a­tive re­ac­tions from critics and au­di­ences and was con­sid­ered a box of­fice disappointment.” 

Based on what we were told by friends who paid to see it, that seems a rather gen­erous (and po­lite) statement.

So we avoided it.

Until last night when I brought the DVD home from the library.

So, here are a few words on fi­nally seeing In­de­pen­dence Day: Resurgence:

“Oh, dear . . .”


IndependenceDay2 MoonBase 1400

FEATURED IMAGE: This is the mas­sive weapon that is being as­sem­bled on the moon at the be­gin­ning of the movie. It is sup­posed to be able to stop any­thing re­sem­bling the ships that in­vaded twenty years be­fore. Of course, what comes this time ain’t nothing like what came last time. Great photo: Even the cropped ver­sion at the top of this page looks impressive.


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