the return of the little red motor scooter (and five dollar buck lunches, too)

Es­ti­mated reading time is 2 min­utes.

YESTERDAY I was on my way down Avon­dale Road, heading to Home Depot to pick up a couple of pieces of dow­eling and a pair of brac­ings to make clothe-racks in the closets of our new house. As I pulled up to the red light at the Union Hill Road in­ter­sec­tion, who should pull up be­hind me?

Not a cop—but the little red scooter from “motor scooters and the re­turn of the five dollar buck lunch”! The driver was wearing a helmet but the amount of face that I could see in my rearview mirror sug­gested a fe­male, young, cute. Turning left, I im­me­di­ately headed for the right-turn lane while the scooter zoomed off straight ahead.

Oh well . . .

This morning, at 6:30 AM, as I pulled into the shop­ping center to drop Berni off at “her” Star­bucks, the rider was just get­ting off of the little red scooter in the same parking spot that it had been in the day be­fore (my first sighting).

I pulled along­side the scooterist, rolled down the pas­senger window, and said “Hello.” She con­firmed that she had been on Avon­dale the day be­fore and we chitchatted about her bike. The fact that she was a reg­ular at Star­bucks and rec­og­nized Berni—and, of course, the fact that there was a woman be­tween her and this strange (older) man asking her questions—made the con­ver­sa­tion go easy.

I in­quired about the bike’s top speed: “About 45 mph.”

I told her that when I was her age it was 35 mph and she said that’s still the norm but that her bike was bigger and there­fore faster. “The slower bikes don’t have to be li­censed, but mine does.”

“Can you ride it on the freeways?”


“Well then, that hasn’t changed.”

We in­tro­duced our­selves; her name was Dee. Then Berni said, “Neal wrote a piece about your bike on his blog.”

“Re­ally? Can I read it?”

So I wrote down my blog ad­dress and passed it over. “I write about what­ever I wanna on that site. And I don’t write for the mo­ment, I write for pos­terity. That means that if you read a cuppla cur­rent pieces and you like them, go back to the be­gin­ning and read others. Only a few of the po­lit­ical posts are dated. I have an­other site where I just write about music and old records.”

“Re­ally? I’m a musician . . .”

“Well, read a few things on the reg­ular site and then I’ll send you over to the music site, Rather Rare Records.”

“Thanks!” and off she went to work.

And I kissed Berni goodbye and she left for her daily latte and the morning paper and I turned on the clas­sical sta­tion and headed home to write this bit of trivia.

And fi­nally, yes, the $5 Buck Lunch is still avail­able at Dairy Queen—and no, it’s not venison!


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