san francisco fog and the golden gate bridge

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I NEVER THOUGHT TO DO THIS BEFORE—just make a brief post pre­senting a short video. But today I re­ceived Simon Chris­ten’s ‘Adrift’ and thought, “Why not pre­serve this lovely video so that readers have a place to re­turn to for fu­ture view­ings?” This short was part of my daily email from Big Geek Daddy, which sends six such videos a day to subscribers.

Here is their brief intro to the video:

Adrift is a beau­tiful time-lapse film from pho­tog­ra­pher Simon Christen that fea­tures the world-famous San Fran­cisco fog and Golden Gate Bridge. If you think it’s easy to create a video like this, con­sider that the fog doesn’t follow the same pat­tern, and the weather con­di­tions have to be just right to get the best pho­tographs. It took Simon two years of mon­i­toring the weather con­di­tions, and get­ting up at 5 AM on the days he thought he would get the shots he wanted, be­fore he was able to create the video.”

A bridge’s accidental color

The text above for Adrift in­cluded a final sen­tence sug­gesting the viewer also watch a second video ad­dressing the Bay Area’s fa­mous and beau­tiful Golden Gate Bridge, which I have also in­cluded. Here is the in­tro­duc­tion to that video:

“Most people are fa­miliar with the Golden Gate Bridge, and many have even seen it in person while vis­iting San Fran­cisco. How­ever, until I saw this video, I never gave much thought to the un­usual color of the bridge. The or­ange hue of the bridge was an ac­ci­dent of his­tory. San Fran­cisco owes the iconic color of its bridge to Irving Morrow, the con­sulting ar­chi­tect, who no­ticed the striking reddish-orange hue of the primer coat, and lob­bied to have it made permanent.”

I lived in Napa Valley (which is part of the Bay Area, if pe­riph­er­ally) from 1978 through 1981, and can as­sure you that the bridge is stun­ning on a sunny day. Mr Mor­row’s in­spi­ra­tion al­most seems fated in hindsight.

Un­for­tu­nately, during the years that my ex and I lived there, we never thought to make a day of fog-watching by being on a hilltop in the bay at 5 AM with a thermos of coffee and a blanket . . .





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