on coming to grips with scorpionic power

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TWENTY YEARS AGO, I was seeing a woman that I had met in­no­cently while sit­ting in a coffee shop. We hit it off im­me­di­ately, having sev­eral things in common (dys­func­tional re­la­tion­ships, kids, pol­i­tics). It helped that she was one of those women who walked into a room and every man wished his wife would disappear.

One thing that we did not have in common was as­trology: she was a dues-paying member of the Wash­ington State As­tro­log­ical As­so­ci­a­tion while I was a member-in-spirit of every skep­tic’s or­ga­ni­za­tion on the planet! On one of our first dates, Sparkles (what I will refer to as to keep her se­cret iden­tity se­cret) in­vited me to a meeting of her or­ga­ni­za­tion. This was not a few people get­ting to­gether at a weekly coffee klatch at their fa­vorite espresso bar—this get-together was at­tended by 200 true believers.

My skeptic’s an­tennae were sen­si­tive to any bullschidt that might be making the rounds that evening.

I have a Bud­dhis­tical ac­cep­tance of the one­ness of the uni­verse the world the void of its being in­ter­con­nected in­ter­weaving that each atom af­fects every other atom in­stan­ta­neously in some sib­ling way that quantum physi­cists can only the­o­rize about and only Wholly Grom­mett groks.

Nonethe­less, I do not be­lieve in as­trology nor in any other form of div­ina­tion prophesy prog­nos­ti­ca­tion or any­thing that even hints in the di­rec­tion of pre-destination or pre-determination.

So, un­der­stand this: I was on my guard!


XavierGabi Virgo 1

Let the meeting commence

After everyone was seated, in­vited guests like my­self were asked to in­tro­duce our selves. Sparklie had prepped me, so I gave my name and birthday (both of which I had mem­o­rized by then) along with my rising sign and other per­ti­nent as­tro­log­ical data.

But it boiled down to this: “Hello. My name is Neal. I’m a Virgo and my rising sign is Cancer.” 1

The at­trac­tion of the evening was a guest lec­turer of some renown who spoke about as­trology and his­tory. I forget the gist of the talk but en­joyed it at the time. At its con­clu­sion, everyone headed for re­fresh­ments and conversation.

Sparkles was the only one or thing in the room that held my at­ten­tion so I didn’t mingle or even pay much at­ten­tion to the rest of the at­ten­dees. So it was that I didn’t no­tice that most of the room had gone quiet and that people were be­gin­ning to stare at us.

“Hello. My name is Neal. I’m a Virgo and my rising sign is Cancer.”

And the “us” was more than Sparkles and I: an older man stood nearby, po­litely waiting until I had stopped talking so that he could in­tro­duce him­self. Un­like so many of the others there who seemed rather staid (al­most yuppie-ish, in fact), he was dressed in a new-age-cowboy cum old-age-hippie style.

With gray hair turning white hanging free to his waist be­neath a hat that was more Aus­tralian than Texan, he asked, “May I interrupt?”

Now everyone was giving all of their at­ten­tion to the in­ter­ac­tion be­tween him and me.

“Cer­tainly,” I responded.

He in­tro­duced him­self (and we will call him “Mr. Berossus” to pro­tect the in­no­cent among us) fol­lowed by, “I’m sort of the guru of all these as­trologers. For some reason, I can do a chart in my head as ac­cu­rately as they can on a com­puter. I’d like to do yours.”

“Now?” I asked.

“Now,” he said.

“Cer­tainly,” I responded.


XavierGabi Scorpio

Your goal in this life

Mr. Berossus then asked me a se­ries of ques­tions, be­gin­ning with where and what time I was born. It lasted sev­eral min­utes and then stopped. He closed his eyes and, I as­sume, ratiocinated.

After which he opened his eyes, stared at me for a mo­ment, and pro­nounced, “Your goal in this life is to come to grips with Scor­pi­onic power.”

Without missing a breath I an­nounced, “My fa­ther is a Scorpio.”

He nodded.

“My mother is a Scorpio.”

He nodded.

“My daughter is a Scorpio.”

He nodded.

“The mother of my daughter is a Scorpio.”

He nodded and with nary a blink of an eye re­sponded, “Oh, boy! You do have your work cut out for you . . .”


Scorpio Virgo 1500

HEADER IMAGE: I lifted the amaz­ingly apt photo (apt be­cause I am—0r once was—fair-haired while Sparkles is a brunette) at the top of this page from an ar­ticle ti­tled “Scorpio and Virgo Com­pat­i­bility: The Sor­cerer and the Healer” on the As­tro­matcha web­site. It opens with this assessment:

“You might wonder what on earth strong, pow­erful Scorpio and meek, unas­suming Virgo see in one another—and Scorpio and Virgo com­pat­i­bility does make for an un­usual couple. How­ever, the clue to this relationship’s sur­pris­ingly high level of suc­cess is in the couple’s mytho­log­ical archetypes.

The Sor­cerer and the Healer are both mys­te­rious, enig­matic be­ings, and they both wield mag­ical power of one sort or an­other. These two have more in common than you might think, and can create an un­beat­able team when they fall in love.”

Alas, Sparkles was not a Scorpio, so of course, the would-be ro­mantic re­la­tion­ship never re­ally got off the ground. A short time later I met and fell in love with Berni, a woman that I would never have de­scribed as my “type” during the first forty years of my life. Need­less to say, she is a Scorpio and so now there are five to come to grips with in this life. 2

Re­cently I came across this state­ment and thought that I would in­clude it here for those of us who are not Scor­pios but know them in­ti­mately: I see it all the time: the dead can hold a grudge better than most Scor­pios. 3

Fi­nally, the wa­ter­colors in the body of the text above are by Gabi Xavier.





1   I am, there­fore “dreamy, with a psy­cho­log­ical na­ture that is ori­ented to­wards nos­talgia for things past, to­wards your mother and your family. Your in­stinct and your need to pro­tect your­self from the out­side world are highly de­vel­oped. Your inner life is rich, with a vivid and even un­lim­ited imag­i­na­tion, a propen­sity to avoid all risks and to pursue se­cu­rity. You show your true face only to per­sons you can trust and you need the well-being brought about by the nos­talgia for the past.

With this As­cen­dant, you come across as emo­tional, sen­ti­mental, restful, sen­si­tive, loyal, en­during, pro­tec­tive, vul­ner­able, gen­erous, ro­mantic, tender, po­etic, pa­ternal or ma­ternal, dreamy, in­do­lent, greedy, and ded­i­cated. You may also be fearful, un­re­al­istic, eva­sive, pas­sive, touchy, anx­ious, de­pen­dent, stub­born, lu­natic, backward-looking, lazy, bur­den­some, im­pen­e­trable, and a home­body.” (Horo­scopesWithin)

Ap­par­ently, I am your av­erage Joe Everyman, en­com­passing all and every as­pect of the human ex­pe­ri­ence. Don’t you?

2   After reading a draft of the above, Sparkles added, “You have for­gotten that my north node—the karmic point in every chart—is in fact in Scorpio. It has to do with con­suming love, de­sire, loss, death, re­birth, and trans­for­ma­tion, as the sign is known for. It is hands down the most im­por­tant point in a birth chart and shows one’s past life en­er­gies (south node) op­posed to cur­rent life requirements/energies (north node).”

3   This quote about the dead and most Scor­pios was made by the renowned psy­chic and medium Billie Dean Howard.



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