I did not pay that woman with whom I did not have sexual relations to not talk about not having sexual relations with me!

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I DON’T GIVE A HOOT what two con­senting adults do in the pri­vacy of their bed­rooms, in their of­fices, in a hotel room, or in the White House. I don’t care that Donald Trump may have had some sexual re­la­tions or any other kind of re­la­tions with Stormy Davis—although the Forbes mag­a­zine thing is funny.

I just wanted an ex­cuse to pub­lish this line that I made up and think is funny as all get-out:

I did not pay that woman with whom I did not have sexual re­la­tions to not talk about not having sexual re­la­tions with me.”

Hell’s Belles but I wish the Pres­i­dent would cop it and use it on Twitter!

Stormy Davis-Melania Trump cartoon by Clay Jones.

FEATURED IMAGE: The car­toon at the top of this page is by Clay Jones on the Clay­Toonz web­site. He took the time to ex­plain this car­toon, which I don’t find de­meaning to Mrs Trump in the least.

Is it un­fair of me to hit Melania Trump with a car­toon? Yeah. Po­lit­ical car­toons aren’t sup­posed to be fair. Show me a fair po­lit­ical car­toon and I’ll show you a crappy car­toon. I feel Melania’s pain and hu­mil­i­a­tion over the rev­e­la­tion that Trump had an af­fair with a porn star and paid her hush money.

But, while this issue may be new news to Melania, the fact Trump is a piece of crap can’t be un­less she re­ally is stupid. She may be ig­no­rant but she’s not stupid. She is a victim of her hus­band and a fair target for my crit­i­cism. She didn’t ask for this, but she can’t be surprised. 

Melania pub­licly slapped Trump’s hand away on an in­ter­na­tional trip. She ditched the Davos trip after the Stormy news came out. It’s re­ported in Fire And Fury that she has a sep­a­rate bed­room from Trump which proves she is a human being. This is not a real mar­riage. She should get out.

Re­pub­li­cans in Wash­ington may be selling their souls and dig­nity, but Melania still has a chance to re­deem hers.

As Oprah would say, You go, girl.”


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