so society seeks order in anarchy

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“As man seeks jus­tice in equality, so so­ciety seeks order in an­archy.” – Pierre-Joeph Proudhon

“En­tirely in con­trast to the pop­ular con­cep­tion, an­ar­chism is prob­ably the most ide­al­istic and peaceful of po­lit­ical the­o­ries. As a phi­los­ophy, it as­sumes a system in which the in­di­vidual is free and living in peace; it looks for­ward to a time when human be­ings can co­exist within a frame­work of vol­un­tary associations.It is in no sense ei­ther Marxist or Leninist; an­ar­chism in fact re­jects the Marxist-Leninist theory of the dic­ta­tor­ship of the pro­le­tariat, as it re­jects any theory in­volving con­trol of one class or in­di­vidual by an­other.” – Tom Burnam, The Dic­tio­nary Of Misinformation

“1530s, from French an­ar­chie or di­rectly from Me­dieval Latin an­ar­chia, from Greek anarkhia (‘lack of a leader, the state of people without a gov­ern­ment’; in Athens, used of the Year of Thirty Tyrants, 404 B.C., when there was no ar­chon, or leader), noun of state from anarkhos ‘(ruler­less), from an- (‘without’) + arkhos (‘leader’).” – On­line Et­y­mology Dictionary

“Ei­ther the State for ever, crushing in­di­vidual and local life, taking over in all fields of human ac­tivity, bringing with it its wars and its do­mestic strug­gles for power, its palace rev­o­lu­tions which only re­place one tyrant by an­other, and in­evitably at the end of this de­vel­op­ment there is ... death! Or the de­struc­tion of States, and new life starting again in thou­sands of cen­ters on the prin­ciple of the lively ini­tia­tive of the in­di­vidual and groups and that of free agree­ment. The choice lies with you!” – Prince Peter Kropotkin



“Proudhon goes on to sug­gest that the real laws by which so­ciety func­tions have nothing to do with au­thority; they are not im­posed from above, but stem from the na­ture of so­ciety it­self. He sees the free emer­gence of such laws as the goal of so­cial en­deavour. Proudhon con­ceiving a nat­ural law of bal­ance op­er­ating within so­ciety, re­jects au­thority as an enemy and not a friend of order, and throws back at the au­thor­i­tar­ians the ac­cu­sa­tions lev­eled at an­ar­chists; in the process he adopts the title he hopes to have cleared of obloquy.” – George Wood­cock, An­ar­chism: A His­tory Of Lib­er­tarian Ideas And Move­ments 

“As for pol­i­tics, I’m an an­ar­chist. I hate gov­ern­ments and rules and fet­ters. Can’t stand caged an­i­mals. People must be free.” – Charlie Chaplin

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