spam as dada poetry (luo is do-drop water gastight)

Es­ti­mated reading time is 2 min­utes.

I AM NEW TO BLOGGING, there­fore I am new to the kind of spam sent to blogs. I have not plugged in any anti-spam soft­ware (yet), as I am having a hoot reading the mes­sages that are at­tached to the spam. Ei­ther the ma­jority of spam­mers do not speak English—even phonetically!—or there is a method to their mad­ness that es­capes me.

Per­haps the gob­bledy­gook that are the mes­sages ac­tu­ally con­tain sub­lim­inal messages—and yes they exist and no they are not illegal—like the computer-generated com­mer­cials for Fruity Oat bars in Serenity (a fan­tastic movie—look it up). Anyway, I took three of these spamoids and turned them into some very free verse (below). Makes me want to go back to my days as a Dadaister and try my hand at spam as dada poetry . . .

Luo north is do-drop water gastight

This is the proper blog for anyone
who wants to check out this topic. You realize
a great deal its prac­ti­cally hard to fight with you—
not too I ac­tu­ally would want.

The strength that re­moves this var­ious talent body doesn’t say
that the hell
blood is also very dif­fi­cult to deal with of thing,
as long as walking off a blood absolute
being son,
per­haps will arouse a not fore­see­able mishap, but
at this time Luo north but is do drop water is gastight,
ba­si­cally have no of mishap.

I want to ex­press my ap­pre­ci­a­tion to you
just for bailing me out of this situation
be­cause of surfing around throughout the on­line world
and finding ba­sics which were not beneficial,
I fig­ured my en­tire life was over ex­isting without
the an­swers to the prob­lems you’ve sorted out
by means of your en­tire blog post is a cru­cial case,
and ones that would have
in a neg­a­tive way af­fected my en­tire ca­reer if
I had not dis­cov­ered your blog

(How many per­sons ex­actly are what po­si­tion?)

the tal­ents and kindness
in touching the whole thing
was helpful I am not sure what I would have done if
I had not come across such a point like this
it’s pos­sible to
at this time look ahead to my fu­ture thanks
for your time so much
for your skilled and amazing guide

(How many per­sons ex­actly are what po­si­tion?)

This is the proper blog for anyone
who wants to check out this topic. You realize
I union of which you mas­cu­line should be up included.
Such type of glowing oblig­a­tions and explaining!
Wear a little worth­while works affiliates
I’ve other sorts of you guys to blogroll . . .

This is the proper blog for anyone
who wants to check out this topic.
You realize
This how many per­sons exactly
are what position?
You realize
This how many per­sons exactly
are what position?
I will not be re­luc­tant to en­dorse your blog
post to anyone who needs to have guid­ance about this area.

                      (HOW many per­sons . . .)

                  Luo north is do-drop water gastight.

              (. . . many per­sons ex­actly are . . .)

          Luo north is do-drop water gastight!

      (. . . ex­actly are what po­si­tion?)

  Luo north is do-drop water gastight.

Copy that gorram message . . .


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Have you ever con­sulted the I Ching? I had dis­cov­ered it just be­fore I read THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE for the first time; back in the dark ages of the sixties.

Man, was I con­fused! So many mean­ings in so few lines and each Hexa­gram more mys­ti­fying than the last.

The ef­fect has slowly worn off, but I still oc­ca­sion­ally toss the coins, or pull out the Tarot cards.

Your vin­tage post on spam rings that bell! And I thought it was going to be a rant about highly processed meat bi-products pack­aged in a rec­tan­gular can.

Just Sayin’.

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