michael sowa is composed surreally cryptic

WHILE I WAS PLAYING with themes in search of a new look for Rather Rare Records over the past few weeks, I posted a page with a note of apology and ex­pla­na­tion for all to see. To make the post eye-catching, I found this sur­re­ally cryptic painting by Michael Sowa and used it as the page’s fea­tured image.

I re­ally like the painting and miss seeing it here, so I’m posting it again right here on this oth­er­wise point­less page that has nothing to do with col­lecting rather rare records.

But it is such a fun painting!

Surreally cryptic Michael Sowa painting HAPPY EASTER.

This is “Frohe Os­tern” (“Happy Easter”), the painting that I used for the apology-post.

Who is Michael Sowa?

Michael Sowa is a known German painter and il­lus­trator.

Sowa is a master of the subtle and funny art, skillful old-brilliantly ex­plained, be­sides, is com­posed sur­re­ally cryptic, and is thought through till the smallest de­tail.

Per­fec­tion on the smallest space.

Simply bril­liantly.

The four lines above lifted from the home­page of Michael Sowa’s web­site.

Cover of SOWA'S ARK book collecting Michael Sowa surreally cryptic paintings.

A book of his paint­ings ti­tled Sowa’s Ark – An En­chanted Bes­tiary was pub­lished in 1996. He has also il­lus­trated sev­eral chil­dren’s books and al­bums.

Poster for the US release of AMELIE which uses Michael Sowa surreally cryptic paintings.

In the 2001 French film Amélie (Le Fab­uleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain, or The Fab­u­lous Des­tiny of Amélie Poulain), Sowa’s paint­ings on the hero­ine’s walls come to life. The poster above is for the US re­lease of the movie.

A Gallery Com­posed Sur­re­ally Cryptic

Michael Sowa's surreally cryptic painting THE MASTER'S VOICE.

The Mas­ter’s Voice

Michael Sowa's surreally cryptic painting AUTOBAHN PIG.

Au­to­bahn Pig

Michael Sowa's surreally cryptic painting BIKER.


Michael Sowa surreally cryptic illustration from LITTLE KING DECEMBER book.

Il­lus­tra­tion from the book Little King De­cember

Michael Sowa's surreally cryptic painting THE GREAT SPRING TIDE OF 1858.

The Great Spring Tide of 1858

Michael Sowa's surreally cryptic painting FOUR IN A BOAT.

Four in a Boat


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