I’m out campaigning in jeans and tennis shoes!

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IN POST DATED NOVEMBER 12, 2013, I in­cluded a chart with com­par­isons of the state of the union and its economy when Bush left of­fice and where it is now after six years of Obama. I wrote that these fig­ures “form the basis for a strong, im­pres­sive ar­gu­ment for just how good a job that Obama and his fellow De­moc­rats have done since the de­bacle of the Bush ad­min­is­tra­tion that was dri­ving this country into the ground.  [Continue reading]

what weren’t the democrats thinking about?

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DEBACLE DAY should be the name of Elec­tion Day 2014 for the De­mo­crat Party. I mean, what weren’t the de­moc­rats thinking about? After the elec­tion, I re­ceived these fig­ures from a newsletter from the De­mo­c­ratic Con­gres­sional Cam­paign Com­mittee (DCCC).

They deal with five in­di­ca­tors of the state of our union at the time that Obama took of­fice (Jan­uary 2009) and today (No­vember 2014). [Continue reading]

the closest the world has come to nuclear war since 1962

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PRESIDENT OBAMA ad­dressed the na­tion and the world ON Sep­tember 10, 2014, con­cerning his con­cerns with the in­sur­rec­tions and ter­rorist ac­tiv­i­ties of Muslim groups in the Middle East. His an­nounce­ment opened with “My fellow Amer­i­cans, tonight I want to speak to you about what the United States will do with our friends and al­lies to de­grade and ul­ti­mately de­stroy the ter­rorist group known as ISIL.  [Continue reading]

so what has president obama done for you lately?

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I JOINED A CONVERSATION on fellow record col­lector, Beach Boys fan, and oth­er­wise like-minded (“do not dumb here”) racon­teur Rob Norberg’s Face­book page. The thread con­cerned the on­going “de­bate” about the President’s sup­pos­edly ex­cess number of va­ca­tion days—yet an­other non-issue issue from the rightwing media and pun­ditry that so easily cap­tures the at­ten­tion deficit dis­or­dered imag­i­na­tion (sic) of Re­pub­lican voters. [Continue reading]

bill maher identifies new political species: the “non-apoplectic obama hack”


THERE WAS A STUDY DONE that found out on­line con­ver­sa­tions that were in­ter­cepted and stored by the NSA—nine out of ten were not from for­eigners. They are from or­di­nary cit­i­zens, and I want to read this: ‘Many files … de­scribed as use­less by the an­a­lysts had a star­tlingly in­ti­mate, even voyeuristic quality. [Continue reading]

march jobs report nothing moving (unless you compare it to the bush jobs reports)

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ACCORDING TO the Cam­paign for Amer­i­ca’s Fu­ture’s Pro­gres­sive Break­fast email newsletter for April 4, 2014, the March jobs re­port notes that there were 192,000 new jobs but the un­em­ploy­ment rate re­mained at 6.7%. They then com­plain that this is “more of the same: an economy growing too slowly to make a major dent in con­tinued mass un­em­ploy­ment.” [Continue reading]