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the hyphen/forward-slash conundrum resolved

MY PRE­VIOUS AR­TICLE ON DASHES was ti­tled “On Those Pesky Dashes As Punc­tu­a­tion Marks” and ad­dressed the em-dash (—), the en-dash (–), and the hy­phen (-). It should have in­cluded some sug­ges­tions on the proper use of the for­ward leaning slash (/). After all, graph­i­cally the forward-slash, or vir­gule, is just an up­right, slanted dash! [Read more] “the hyphen/forward-slash conundrum resolved”

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the collateral damage of manifest destiny

I STUM­BLED OVER THIS IMAGE on Face­book at about 5:00 AM this morning and my im­me­diate re­sponse was to type “this is the col­lat­eral damage of Man­i­fest Des­tiny” into the com­ment sec­tion of the other per­son’s page. Then I thought, “No! Wait” and in­stead I posted the image onto my Face­book page. [Read more] “the collateral damage of manifest destiny”