new mom-and-pop, brick-and-mortar book store opens in redmond

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THE U.S. CENSUS of 2010 un­cov­ered sev­eral dozen full-time book-lovers among the 59,000 res­i­dents of Red­mond, Wash­ington. Like most such readers, these res­i­dents re­quired a reg­ular in­take of new and old books, and while some of their needs were filled by the King County Li­brary Sys­tem’s branch in Red­mond, other needs have gone sorely lacking.

When Bor­ders closed its Red­mond store in 2011, there was no longer any local ac­cess to a leisure walk about a store, from one’s fa­vorite sec­tions (say, sci­ence fic­tion or base­ball) to genres one rarely no­tices (such as bas­ket­ball or New Age) to a wall of col­or­fully il­lus­trated chil­dren’s books to the re­mainder table, where a book that you’d never pay $24.99 READ MORE

local newspapers local statistics and sabermetrics

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SABERMETRICIANS have seen their re­search, con­clu­sions, ob­ser­va­tions, and even sug­ges­tions worm their way into both Major League Base­ball and the columns of many sports­writers, the people who as­semble sta­tis­tics for local teams in local news­pa­pers have all but ig­nored the ‘new sta­tis­tics.’ So here are a few notes on local news­pa­pers local sta­tis­tics and saber­met­rics.

Saber­met­rics is the spe­cial­ized analysis of base­ball through ob­jec­tive ev­i­dence, es­pe­cially base­ball sta­tis­tics that mea­sure in-game ac­tivity. READ MORE

on baseball and moneyball and bill james

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MONEYBALL by Michael Lewis was a look into the work­ings of the Oak­land A’s base­ball team. Pub­lished in 2003 with the un­likely sub­title, “The Art Of Win­ning An Un­fair Game,” Lewis wanted to know how a team in a ‘small’ market—Oakland being deemed such by MLB—with a budget that con­sis­tently ranked in the lower half of base­ball in terms of team pay­roll could so con­sis­tently play com­pet­i­tive ball with the “rich” teams. READ MORE