what the hell’s a “waa” in baseball lingo?

NolanRyan 1988 1500

SO YOU’RE NOT A BASEBALL FAN, but you agree to go to a game with your friend, the base­ball nut. You happen upon a game that turns out to be two pitchers throwing no-hitters at the same time. Which usu­ally means lots of strike­outs, no hits, few walks, few baserun­ners, and no runs. Ex­actly the kind of b-o-r-i-n-g game that makes a non-fan cry (“Waa, waa!”) READ MORE

sometimes “alias” ain’t no alias at all

Alias Garner redhead 1500

I LOGGED INTO my li­brary ac­count and in the Search field typed “alias.” I wanted to place a hold on the fourth and fifth sea­sons of the ABC tele­vi­sion se­ries Alias from ear­lier in this cen­tury, star­ring Jen­nifer Garner. Aside from the five DVDs for the se­ries and per­haps a few books about the show, I wasn’t ex­pecting a large number of en­tries under that word. READ MORE