bleeding heart liberal cartoons on facebook

CAR­TOONS MAKE THE WORLD GO AROUND. At least, it seems like they make the po­lit­ical world go around and have been doing so for­ever. The po­lit­ical or ed­i­to­rial car­toon has been a part of Western cul­ture for cen­turies. Some his­to­rians cite Egyptian hi­ero­glyphics as their fore­runner, al­though its prac­tical be­gin­ning is a bit more recent. [Read more] “bleeding heart liberal cartoons on facebook”

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the flirtations of pepe le pew and his nameless girlfriend

BE­FORE DON JUAN DE MARCO, there was Pepé Le Pew, the world’s greatest lover. Or so the skunk thunk. Mon­sieur Le Pew was in­tro­duced to movie­goers in 1945, where he was a hit! Warner Brothers signed him to a long-term con­tract that made him a reg­ular member of the casts of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies [Read more] “the flirtations of pepe le pew and his nameless girlfriend”