did he just say something sacrilitigious?

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FACEBOOK GETS MY ATTENTION in the early morning hours as I sip my coffee and wait for that part of my brain/mind that ra­ti­o­ci­nates to kick into gear. I scroll through my time­line and when an in­ter­esting image catches my at­ten­tion, I read it, and some­times chime in. I try to be pos­i­tive and hu­morous: yes­terday I made a some­what silly com­ment on someone’s Face­book page and I coined a word that somehow re­lated in some way to the orig­inal post: ‘sac­ril­iti­gious.’ READ MORE

on dictionaries and acronyms and the ever-changing language that we speak and write and use and abuse

I HAVE RELIED ON and have an al­most ex­clu­sive user of the Merriam-Webster dic­tio­nary for a long time—years be­fore I began using the in­ternet. In grade school, I was in­formed that the im­por­tant word in a dic­tio­nary was not “Webster”—which was public do­main and there­fore generic and there­fore use­less as a sign of quality. READ MORE