shouldn’t we be calling the sessions-kislyak affair “sessionsgate” by now?

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WE ARE NOW deep into an af­fair that should have been termed ei­ther Ses­sion­s­gate or Am­bas­sador­gate by our main­stream media. Ever clever with such trite coinages when a De­mo­crat is in­volved, At­torney Gen­eral Ses­sions and Pres­i­dent Trump have somehow avoided having their trans­gres­sion ren­dered in a manner that sug­gest the felonies of the Nixon ad­min­is­tra­tion of 1972-1973.

But let’s take a mo­ment and take a look at an­other mo­ment from Jan­uary 10, 2017: at a Senate Ju­di­ciary Com­mittee con­fir­ma­tion hearing, Sen­ator Al Franken asked Sen­ator Jeff Ses­sions what he would do if he learned of any ev­i­dence that anyone af­fil­i­ated with the Trump cam­paign com­mu­ni­cated with the Russian gov­ern­ment in the course of the 2016 cam­paign. READ MORE

definitely “politically correct” (a third take on journalism taking on authority)

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TO TELL THE TRUTH in the face of lies is the job of all jour­nal­ists, with lies being, you know, those al­ter­na­tive fact thin­gies that are all the rage these days. Or at least that’s what Lewis Wal­lace states in an ed­i­to­rial call-to-arms that he had posted on his per­sonal blog. There he ad­dressed ob­jec­tivity, calling a lie a lie in­stead of an al­ter­na­tive fact, and em­bracing the ac­cu­sa­tion of being po­lit­i­cally cor­rect lib­eral leftist! READ MORE

definitely “provably not true” (one take on journalism taking on authority)

DAMN OUR DAMN LIBERAL MEDIA! Here’s yet an­other ex­ample of how the DLM’s bleed­ing­heart li­brull­ness screws things up for us poor civil­ians trying to grok the world in which we live. When ad­dressing a state­ment that was so man­i­festly in­cor­rect that it had to be a lie, the na­tional se­cu­rity cor­re­spon­dent for Na­tional Public Radio de­clared the state­ment “prov­ably not true.” READ MORE

rumor and speculation can look like alternative facts

EVERY TROLL IS RIGHTWINGED, or least seems to be. Every fake news site and every blog passing on al­ter­na­tive facts also seems to be far right of center. Of course, this is based on my ex­pe­ri­ence on the free­wheeling world­wide web of fact and fic­tion, opinion and as­sess­ment, rumor and spec­u­la­tion, and every­thing else a human can do with words, im­ages, and sym­bols. READ MORE

I live in an alternative reality where clinton won

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I FEEL LIKE THE OLD MAN in Moon­struck. You know, at the end where every­thing is hap­pening crazily around him and he puts his head in his hands on the kitchen table, ut­terly con­fused. This struck home for me when I opened an email from a friend with a link to an ar­ticle pub­lished ear­lier today in The Wash­ington Post. READ MORE

first they came for the lgbt, and I did not speak out because I was straight

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FIRST, KNOW THIS: “They’re stoked by bit­ter­ness, anger, and the un­bear­able color of others, and they’re buying into Donald Trump’s trope that the elec­tion, in­deed so­ciety, is rigged against them. At his ral­lies, they love to wear obscene-laced tee-shirts, and when Hillary Clin­ton’s name is men­tioned, they come alive with chants of ‘Lock her up.’ READ MORE

at least hillary knows the difference between “alternative” and “alternate”

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LAST NIGHT’S SLUGFEST con­sisted of ninety min­utes of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton calling each other names (“liar” popped up more than once) and de­claring each other un­trust­worthy and unfit for of­fice. Policy dif­fer­ences and other mat­ters that should con­cern these two can­di­dates were set aside so that each could im­pugn the basic char­acter of the other! READ MORE

tales from the crypt of the rightwingnut blogosphere (where is susan berman?)

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YOU KNOW THOSE “NEWS STORIES” that pop up all over the in­ternet one day and you can’t avoid them? You know, the ones that read, “Hillary to be in­dicted for frib­bing on the jimjam on her pri­vate server and lying about it!” You see them all over Face­book and they seem so gosh­darn im­por­tant and faster than you can say “Susan Berman” they’re gone! READ MORE

even racist homophobic misogynists need representation

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I’M NOT SAYING HE IS, Y’KNOW. But it’s true that even bigots need representation—a voice for their ‘con­cerns.’ Ha­tred has been part and parcel of the Amer­ican re­li­gious and po­lit­ical scenes for hun­dreds of years, cut­ting a swath through our cul­ture as it scythes its way back­wards to­ward some time in our evo­lu­tionary past when xeno­phobia was a req­ui­site for tribal sur­vival! READ MORE