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fantastic prescience of the 21st century in a ’50s men’s magazine?

SEARCHING FOR IM­AGES ON THE IN­TERNET for one project often leads to some very un­ex­pected dis­cov­eries. In this case, I was looking for some sharp photos of a couple of rather rare Elvis Presley records from the ’50s when I came across True Strange mag­a­zine. There I saw what looked like a hint of prescience. [Read more] “fantastic prescience of the 21st century in a ’50s men’s magazine?”

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commenting on a comment on my other blog

MOST OF THE COM­MENTS that I re­ceive on my blogs are com­pli­ments of or ques­tions re­lated to the ar­ticle to which the com­ment was made. Yes, I get the oc­ca­sional less-than-positive bit of feed­back but they are rare, in­deed. Even rarer are ones com­menting on truly per­sonal and in­ti­mate topics. [Read more] “commenting on a comment on my other blog”

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I just launched a new publication on medium all about elvis

WE LAUNCHED our new pub­li­ca­tion Tell It Like It Was on Medium on Jan­uary 1, 2019. The ar­ti­cles within ad­dress pop­ular music, pri­marily rock & roll from the ’60s. “We” are John Ross (my fa­vorite music blogger), Lew Shiner (my fa­vorite nov­elist), and my­self. We love the music (and the books and the movies and the styles and the girls girls girls) of that era. [Read more] “I just launched a new publication on medium all about elvis”

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socrates and elvis walk into a bar

ELVIS AND SOCRATES walk into a bar. No, wait—should it be “Socrates and Elvis”? Ei­ther way, here’s what this post is all about: I came across a 3-minute video of In­dian guru Gaur Gopal Das talking about gossip. Nor­mally, I avoid the ad­vice of “wise” men—especially those I have not heard of—but this was on my daugh­ter’s Face­book page and she’s pretty good at picking these things out of all the crap on so­cial media. [Read more] “socrates and elvis walk into a bar”

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are there supposed to be spaces between the dots in an ellipsis?

EVERY READER has seen those three dots in the midst of a sen­tence that tells them some­thing is hap­pening. These dots are called an ‘el­lipsis’ and are as­so­ci­ated with missing text, often quoted from an­other source. The word is from the Greek ‘elleipsis’ and means falling short—or for writers and grammarians—it means omission. [Read more] “are there supposed to be spaces between the dots in an ellipsis?”