crows as whistleblowers and snowdens

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MY ROOMMATE GADJI is a cat who ac­tu­ally likes having a har­ness strapped around her neck and midriff: it means that she is going out­side! Ap­par­ently, any price is worth paying to spend the time in the fresh air—rolling in the dirt, spying on birds, and going for walks.

When walking, we tend to head to the green belt about 100 feet from the house and in­vari­ably, as we enter the treed area, a large black crow swoops in, perches on a branch on one of the ever­greens around us, and be­gins ha­ranguing us:


hey! you! get off of my arm!

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MY CAT, GADJI, has been dis­cov­ering the many and varied places that she can lie down in her new house, which we moved into on the first of June. Re­cently she found a new place that is ap­par­ently better than being atop the pile of boxes in Berni’s studio, or in the smooth bottom of the bath tub in the un­used master bath­room (un­used be­cause we prefer the shower in the sec­ondary bath­room), or the warmth of an un­made bed READ MORE

creativity rears its head when inspiration strikes

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MY FORMER KITTEN Gadji Booboo (click on the link to find out about that name) is now a 1-year old cat and no longer boasts the mi­nus­cule waist­line of yore. We let her out­doors on a leash but she seems to pick up every flea and at­tract every other cat and dog in the neigh­bor­hood! Also, we live near a wooded area and coy­otes are a problem. READ MORE

hugo ball and sound poetry (o gadji beri bimba)

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HUGO BALL’S SOUND POETRY may seem a mere stringing of words to­gether to many readers or lis­teners. It is a form of verse without words. “Sound po­etry is an artistic form bridging lit­erary and mu­sical com­po­si­tion in which the pho­netic as­pects of human speech take the fore­ground in­stead of the more con­ven­tional se­mantic and syn­tactic values.” Need­less to say, sound po­etry is in­tended to be heard, not read! READ MORE

o gadji beri booboo (guardian of our being)

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SHE IS RUNNING ABOUT here there every­where at once making a noise be­tween a growl a meow a touch of purr hel­terskel­tering off the walls fur­ni­ture things hu­mans can’t see bounding from room to room back again be­tween my legs Berni’s legs around our legs with no ap­parent goal ex­cept the run it­self all the while grounding us Berni and me guarding our being and just who is she! READ MORE