oh yeah, the guy brings the condoms (hah!)

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EPISODE 17 OF SEASON 6 of the ABC TV se­ries Grey’s Anatomy is ti­tled “Push.” It in­cludes sev­eral on­going sub-plots, in­cluding a rel­a­tively new one: the re­cently di­vorced Dr. Mi­randa Bailey is dating for the first time in years. And there is a con­ver­sa­tion about who brings the con­doms:

She turns to fellow sur­geon Dr. Callie Torres for ad­vice, who in­forms her that, as this is her third date with the same man (of course it’s an­other doctor), and as he has in­vited her to his place to cook dinner for her, he will be ex­pecting sex. READ MORE