boy shoots and kills self and then surrenders!

Boy4 accidentally header

“Boy, 4, ac­ci­den­tally shot self; sus­pect sur­ren­ders”

WHAT THE HUH?!? The head­line above is from to­day’s Seattle Times (July 23, 2013). It ap­pears in the upper right corner in a banner across the top of the front page. This terse line (six words and a number) tells us—what? That a boy shot and killed him­self and then turned him­self over to the po­lice”

Let’s try again: The first five words tell us that a 4-year old boy shot him­self, but ac­ci­den­tally. READ MORE

for want of a hyphen (“I want hyphen”)

CeaseFire header2 copy

FROM TODAY’S SEATTLE TIMES (July 19, 2013) and a piece ti­tled “Gun-rights group sues city over emails al­legedly with­held” (page B1): an or­ga­ni­za­tion called Wash­ington Cease­Fire is de­scribed as “an anti-gun vi­o­lence group.” Tech­ni­cally, this is cor­rect: the hy­phen is nec­es­sary to link “anti” with “gun.” READ MORE