the ever fallible myopic vindictive emotional biased me (and you)


GROWING UP, I had a con­sid­er­able amount of ‘emo­tional’ ob­sta­cles to over­come, many of which were daunting. At least they seemed that way to the teenaged me. To deaden the pain (and the ever-attendant hu­mil­i­a­tion), I adopted a form of pro­tec­tion from life’s daily barbs by holding my emo­tions at bay.

I got so good at this that for a while my nick­name among my friend was “Mr. READ MORE

it’s our job to do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again!

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EVERYWHERE I TURN, whether in con­ver­sa­tion, via emails from my Re­pub­lican con­tacts, and es­pe­cially on the in­ternet, I hear people “quoting” then Sec­re­tary of State Hillary Clinton to the ef­fect that she said that the raid deaths reason what­ever in Beng­hazi “didn’t matter” or “doesn’t matter.”

As much as the righties hate all things Clin­tonian, they (and those Dems who take the cor­po­rate media at their word) could at least get the quote cor­rect and in con­text. READ MORE

seven movies changed political views (huh?)

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I JUST STUMLED over an ar­ticle ti­tled “7 Movies That Changed Your Po­lit­ical Views Ac­cording To Sci­ence.” It was written by Asawin Sueb­sang and Chris Mooney for the Mother Jones web­site (Jan­uary 7, 2014). It be­gins hu­mor­ously by stating that “Rush Lim­baugh was right all along. Sort of.” Then the au­thors con­tinue: 

“Ac­cording to a study re­cently pub­lished in So­cial Sci­ence Quar­terly, Hol­ly­wood is making you more lib­eral. READ MORE

populist movements grow out of popular discontent

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BRAVO AND BRAVA!!! The Beltway crowd has dis­cov­ered pop­ulism. Sen­ator Eliz­a­beth Warren’s surging pop­u­larity [stem­ming] from her ag­gres­sive de­fense of So­cial Se­cu­rity and de­mand for Wall Street ac­count­ability has trig­gered talk of a pop­ulist chal­lenge to Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Bill De Blasio in­dicted New York’s gilded age in­equality in his stun­ning vic­tory in the New York May­oral race. READ MORE

stand by your man – hillary clinton as conservative icon!

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STATING THE OBVIOUS! During the long, ar­duous, and ul­ti­mately point­less episode known as the Monica Lewinsky Af­fair—which was pri­marily all of 1998 and we are still hearing about it—Hillary Rodham Clinton stood by her man through thick and thin. Hell’s Belles, she even had the courage to put a name to that which the damn lib­eral media never had the balls to do when she stated that there was a “vast rightwing con­spiracy” out to get her hus­band. READ MORE