yet more on science fiction and fantasy (is this modern science fiction part 6?)

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I JUST HAD A ‘WHAT A COINCIDENCE’ MOMENT! They are not all that dis­sim­ilar from deja vu mo­ments, ex­cept the some­times slightly scary feeling that ac­com­pa­nies the latter is rarely part of the former. When co­in­ci­dence oc­curs to me, I am usu­ally de­lighted, rarely fright­ened into be­lieving some form of pre-determinism, as deja vu can do. But, first we deal with co­in­ci­dence …

Ac­cording to Merriam-Webster On­line, a co­in­ci­dence as “the oc­cur­rence of events that happen at the same time by ac­ci­dent but seem to have some con­nec­tion.” That’s READ MORE