phaw! on rambaldi and the deplorable finale of “alias”

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ALIAS was a super-spy/CIA ad­ven­ture se­ries for ABC that ran five sea­sons (2001-2006) and was nom­i­nated for more than sev­enty awards—al­though not a single im­por­tant nom­i­na­tion was made for the final season. Alias made Jen­nifer Garner a star, for which we should all be grateful. The first few sea­sons were loads of fun with good scripts, good char­ac­ters, and good acting. READ MORE

sometimes “alias” ain’t no alias at all

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I LOGGED INTO my li­brary ac­count and in the Search field typed “alias.” I wanted to place a hold on the fourth and fifth sea­sons of the ABC tele­vi­sion se­ries Alias from ear­lier in this cen­tury, star­ring Jen­nifer Garner. Aside from the five DVDs for the se­ries and per­haps a few books about the show, I wasn’t ex­pecting a large number of en­tries under that word. READ MORE

vapid vacuous mindless journalism in my mailbox

Brand Arthur

INCONCEIVABLE! This is what is passing for news in to­day’s rightwingnut media world of faux news or­ga­ni­za­tions and the ubiq­ui­tous blog­gers all over the In­ternet: “Rus­sell Brand la­bels ex-wife Katy Perry ‘vapid, vac­uous and plastic’ in doc­u­men­tary.” 1


Or my fave, the one that I re­ceived in my mailbox from an email newsletter: Ex-Husband Has Ex­tremely Harsh Words for Hillary-Supporting Pop Star Katy Perry”! READ MORE