socialist vows to use voters’ mandate to inspire action and toss a spanner into the works

KshamaSawant 1200 1

WILL WONDERS NEVER CEASE! Just when I thought that the pa­rade of pre­dictably “elec­table” can­di­dates for what­ever of­fice was simply a never-ending pa­rade of blend-into-the-background politi­cians, Kismet tosses a gen­uine wrench into the work­ings of local pol­i­tics. In this case, an avowed so­cialist with a back­ground as an Oc­cupy Seattle pro­tester!

ran on a of-the-people/by-the-people/for-the-people plat­form against a rea­son­ably pop­ular (undis­liked?) in­cum­bent and won. READ MORE