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flashback with olivia newton-john in another place and time

JUST OPENED ALTERNET and among the dirty dozen or so stories—including those on the White House, white na­tion­al­ists and Stormy Davis—there was this splash of color with mul­tiple im­ages of Jimi Hen­drix cir­cling the Mad Hatter! It ac­com­pa­nied an ar­ticle ti­tled “How LSD Makes Music Pro­foundly Awe­some” about re­searchers learning more about how the pow­erful psy­che­delic LSD af­fects the brain. [Continue reading]

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I think the psychedelic path is sometimes the easiest path

THE GOD CAPSULE is the clever term ap­plied to a hit of LSD in “The God Cap­sule: Can Psy­che­delics Prove a Bi­o­log­ical Basis for Spir­i­tu­ality?” An ar­ticle by Alexander Za­itchik (No­vember 8, 2017), it ad­dresses the psy­che­delic path and its ef­fects of LSD on the human meat system. [Continue reading]

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just how does lsd affect your consciousness?

JUST HOW DOES LSD af­fect human con­scious­ness? Per­son­ally, I have been more amazed and filled with joy wonder awe at the Universe/Void/God than puz­zled by the how of these things. And that seems to be a defining dif­fer­ence be­tween the ex­pe­ri­enced and the non-experienced in the world of LSD and any and all things psy­che­delic. [Continue reading]

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o gadji beri booboo (guardian of our being)

SHE IS RUNNING ABOUT here there every­where at once making a noise be­tween a growl a meow a touch of purr hel­terskel­tering off the walls fur­ni­ture things hu­mans can’t see bounding from room to room back again be­tween my legs Berni’s legs around our legs with no ap­parent goal ex­cept the run it­self all the while grounding us Berni and me guarding our being and just who is she! [Continue reading]

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dock ellis and the psychedelic no-hitter (or ellis in wonderland)

I GREW UP HEARING the re­frain “Base­ball and Bal­lan­tine” sung on end­less com­mer­cials while watching Phillies games on tele­vi­sion in North­eastern Penn­syl­vania in the early ’60s. Bal­lan­tine was a local brewery and its beer was very af­ford­able and very pop­ular. They spon­sored the broad­cast of the games be­cause and what goes better to­gether than beer and baseball? [Continue reading]